Thursday, July 25, 2013

White Inspirations

WITHOUT HUES White has all along been my favourite color, so today I wanted to try out something that's a little different from my usual posts - by playing my inspirations onto what I wear and picturing them into a mini photo book. I actually like how the pictures turned out so soft and light because that is exactly what I feel about the color. 

Had picked a thin silver necklace to complement my outfit together with my transparent band wedges to match with the gauze details of my top. You know.. as nice as the top may look, they are actually quite prickly and uncomfortable to wear! (at the sewn areas where the gauze and chiffon material meets) Which in my opinion is quite a shame because I really liked the design. Nevertheless I hope you guys enjoy these pictures and have a great Thursday ahead!

Outfit of the Day

Top: Lovelle Boutique
Shorts: MGL Shorts
Watch: GUESS
Necklace: Qoo10
Shoes: Taobao


  1. So so so pretty! xx
    I can't get over how lovely these photos are ~

  2. Amazing pics Jaslin!! So nice :)

  3. Am loving the pictures....Though they would look even better with less ISO Jaslin...

  4. Beautiful photos!

  5. you look so lovely my dear!!! these pictures are truly beautiful ;)


  6. Love this all white ensemble! Please feel free to link up on my Fashion Friday posts!