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Sponsored Advertorial | Khloe Bracelet c/o D'KristaBelle
MINIMALIST It has been an entire week since my last update - totally guilty of it! The thing is that I'm catching my flight to Darwin Australia in a couple of hours' time tonight (huhu follow my Instagram account as I will be constantly updating there as I travel). So over the last week it was all about attending classes, finishing all my school assignments in advance, planning shootings, and spending more time with my family before I'm flying off for an entire week. It got so busy that I'm barely having 6 hours of sleep daily (oh horrible eyebags) 

So anyway, let's talk about accessories today. If you would have noticed in most of my entries, I tend to be very minimalist where I like picking delicate accessories to complement my outfit. They can just be the perfect touch to finish your look without being too overpowering and it's these little light touches that I really like. Today I'm wearing this Khloe Bracelet from D'KristaBelle, where they also carry a gorgeous range of crystal jewelry - totally perfect for gifts. This bracelet features a string of crystal diamantes and I like how simple and elegant it looks without having the need to pair it with any other accessories. What do you think of it? You can also check out the rest of their jewelry range on their website at www.dkristabelle.com/!

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  1. looking super sweet in those photos! you look lovely in this stripe dress and love that dainty bracelet <3

    Check out my latest post featuring my short trip in Melbourne:)