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Pictures by KJ    |     Top Bugis Street / / Pants Hands-me-down // Clutch Zalora // Heels Taobao
HAPPY NATIONAL DAY  Today marks the 48th year of independence for Singapore and what's better than to celebrate the day with some red and white.. AND star details AND the number ninety-two printed right on my top?? That happens to be the year of my birth date as well! Feels like I'm celebrating my upcoming birthday with my country and I can't help but feel so patriotic. It just makes this top all the more personal and meaningful.

I'm a little stumped as it seems that the number ninety-two printing is all over the place and I can't help but secretly rejoice at the trend. I mean, how often do you come along clothes that has your birth-year printed on it? I was contemplating between getting a cropped sweater or this version, but I guess this is the cleverer option to surviving in 35°C. It was fun trying to dress it because it looks like a shirt you would pick to attend a baseball or soccer game.. Initially I thought of pairing it with a skater skirt as it was a cropped top, (not really a fan of showing my belly) but that just makes me look like a cheerleader just short of the pom poms.

My white shorts would make me look really ridiculous by showing too much skin and I'm so glad to find these white capri pants which was a hands-me-down by boyfriend's sister in law! It was a nice balance and I finished the look with my new pair of white strap sandals. My old pair with the chunky heels are being worn to death and currently held together by super-glue (please don't die on me so soon). That just shows how comfy these strap heel designs are and they work so well at elongating your frame. Also showing you guys my new hair color under the sun, what do you think of it? I hope you enjoy these pictures and Happy National Day!

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  1. So cool outfit!!! Xoxo

  2. One of my favourite looks of yours, Jaslin :)

  3. Definitely a great pairing, very effortless chic darling. Though I think you'd pull off the short or skirt combo too!


    1. Haha I shall try that on another occasion! ;)

  4. its 48th birthday

  5. love your outfit, baby!
    so cute)
    love, Yulia

  6. Amazing heels and transparent bag! Your country looks amazing, I'd love to visit it one day <3

    Love from France! <3

  7. Lovely style :)
    Your top is very nice and I love your heels :)