Chasing infinities

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Pictures by KJ
PAST WEEK Seriously, one week has just flew by - in terms of my blog - but in reality it had been one hell of a week for me. Let's try keep things light and talk about fashion (always the fun part!) but okay, maybe I need a break today and I'll do my very best not to flood this space with all my pent up frustrations on my school assignments. Truthfully, it's killliiinnnnggg meee. It's insane to have 3 assignment datelines falling on the same week (like today, the day tomorrow and the day after next..) where I'm trying to make sure I'm sleeping well and probably pray that my day has 72 hours.

It's the official crunch time where I'm staying up late into wee hours working on projects and setting alarms to wake up 4 hours later to continue on it. Feels like I'm chasing infinities with so much work running at the back of my head, where I also have to worry about revisions because my end of year exams are just weeks away. It has been 4 weeks since I'm back from Australia, where I'm just constantly catching up on the tight datelines, finishing piles of assignments ever since. Honest to God, I can't handle it.

I have so much material to share with you guys! Like my trip to Australia, some exciting collaborations coming up and so on. I guess I need much better time management (huhu I probably need to complete like 237 items per day). Okay, I digressed but you get the illustration. These pictures were shot last weekend while KJ and I were out, and I think this is my first time wearing green and this color looks so pretty. It's quite a refreshing change of color palettes and I feel.. different. Feeling the zen in this color! But for now, I have to get back on my assignments. The thoughts about the looming datelines are horrible enough and hopefully everything will be able to finish on time (and on track!).


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  1. goodluck on your school assignments! :) don't worry it'll be over soon, and once you graduate, you'll miss it all :(

    nice look as always! ;)


  2. Great look! Adore your ring and your shorts!

  3. Really cool outfit...Love those shorts and your hair

  4. Love that outfit, that shade of green is beautiful :)

    Hope you can manage to get everything ready in time :)