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Pictures by KJ
KEEPING IT WARM  Although I'm back in our sunny island of Singapore I guess our winter season is approaching (wait a minute.. what?!) Okay I take that back. There's only either the sun or the rain, but generally as we are approaching towards the end of year it's frequent showers or heavy rains. It's raining outside even as I write this entry in the middle of the night - so yep am pretty sure it's going to be a cooling night ahead to sleep in. The next best part is that we could all sleep in late on a Saturday morning tomorrow.

Ah getting a little too long winded about the weather, but fact is that I have such a love hate relationship with the rain. Love the cooling weather, but not exactly too sure about the part of getting the back of my feet spluttered with dirt spots. But as far as outer-wears are concerned, this is probably the only time where I can layer up like a dumpling without a second thought. I've got my wardrobe prepped with long sleeves, sweaters, jackets and well, basically warm clothing. Yay to exploring the warmer choices in the style department!

Couple of days ago it was yet another rainy day where I had to run about a couple of places - to the dentist, to lectures and to boyfriend's class graduation. That calls for a really warm outfit as all the three places I have to be at are freezing cold and I can't think of what's worse to be directly below an air conditioning unit AND a ceiling fan on full blast at that. (somebody's bad joke of a cooling indoor area) 

Thankfully I was feeling really proud with myself for making a wise choice earlier on in the morning - thick knitwear that I received last week as a gift from boyfriend's cousin! I had played with the fabrics by matching it to crochet material, while pairing it with cream colored statement necklace to keep color ensemble. What do you think of it? Meanwhile, cooler days are lounging ahead so do dress up a couple of layers more to keep yourself warm and to avoid catching a cold!

Outfit of the Day

Knitwear: NewLook
Necklace: Bugis Street
Cropped Top: Bugis Street
Skirt: Bugis Street
Bracelet: BoxBoss Westmall
Sandals: Taobao
Bag: Junction 8

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  1. I'm in love with your outfit :D Every single detail!
    And you look cute on flats.

  2. Cute blog.... Please stop by my blog and leave me a comment :)

  3. you look lovely. the necklace is gorgeous!

  4. Love your cardigan!!!! Great comfy outfit!!!

  5. Thankfully the rains ended soon here , and I am looking forward to cooler months.I am digging the crochet n lace combo, was thinking of doing a post on the same lines too !!
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  6. Great casual outfit Jaslin!
    Hope you had a great time in Australia :)

  7. <Hey I love ur blog, very well designed, would u like to follow each other?
    Keep it up sweety! :)
    Follow if u like:

  8. Amazing look Jaslin and even thou I don't comment often I am huge fan of your blog =) And love all your looks!!
    My Lyfe ; My Story
    Feel free to follow me on twitter @MyLyfeMyStory  (I will follow you back) ♥ ♥

  9. This looks like such a classy and comfy look. I love the sweater and beautiful necklace! xo