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Pictures by KJ
SEASONS CHANGE It feels really good to catch a breather over the weekend, just staying indoors, watch some television and play games on my phone all day (uh oh phone addict alert). No but honestly I mean, that's really what I did for the whole of yesterday. I have been feeling so exhausted, getting busy day in day out for the whole week, and being able to slow down the pace and do nothing for a day is such a guilty pleasure - well, almost!

KJ and I went to out to shoot these pictures in our second collaboration with Dorothy Perkins, where I picked this faux fur jacket from their Style Essentials AW2013 collection. This latest collection featured 10 staple wardrobe items including pencil skirts, knitwear, sculpted tees and among which was this faux fur jacket which caught my eye. I love the idea of wearing faux fur because they are the most comfortable material everrrrr, perhaps only second in line to my blanket. I could probably hug myself all day in this jacket - the faux fur is incredibly soft and smooth that it just makes me want to melt into them.

It can be a little tricky to balance out the weight of the look, so I opted for a risky choice and broke my own no-no rules - to wear my leggings as pants.. um.. they are not too tight fitting so I guess and I think it should be alright.. (no black jeggings in the wardrobe!) Nevertheless the outfit was just perfect for the weather, it was pouring the whole day and it kept me comfortably warm.

I think after my trip to Uluru Australia where we went out in the 10°C weather to catch a sunrise in the middle of the night in just a hoodie, I'm terribly afraid of the cold. Damn I'll choose summer over winter anytime! (and probably eat my own words again when summer heat comes around)

Jacket: c/o Dorothy Perkins (item here)
Persplex Clutch: c/o Zalora (item here)
Boots: Lovelle Boutique

-Sponsored post by Dorothy Perkins-


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  1. That's exactly what I did all weekend too xD
    I wanted a jacket just like that one.

    Really pretty :)

  2. Very nice look. I like that jacket. Great day.

  3. very nice jacket. you are so lovely :)

  4. so couzy and cute :D

    lovely blog!
    I blog from Malaysia :)

  5. wow, u r glowing and looking great ! I o adore that jacket . Is it cold there already ?

  6. Preciosa chaqueta!!