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FUNNY FACES  Well.. I think I did a preeetty good job at pulling that off. It's Tuesday into the week and honestly I'm not having it all too well. Been down with a weird stomach bug since last week so right now I'm trying to go on a liquid or light diet. Whatever goes into my system just gives me the cramps and you have no idea how frustrated that makes me feel. Had a little self-indulge for last night's dinner and I wound up going to bed hugging my heat-pad (huhu). 

Nevertheless, nothing like a fun and interesting update to cheer up the week! I'm very excited to introduce you guys about a new project that I have collaborated with French Connection called Funny Faces for their AW 2013 collection's #sketchtostore campaign. The whole campaign is very cheeky, playful and edgy all at the same time, where it highlights the basics of fashion designing (with a twist, of course) from pencil sketches illustrated to high street fashion wear. It is also fun to see the quirky side of models, which brings us to the Funny Faces project.

On this project, the lovely team from French Connection will be giving a surprise gift (can't tell you just yet) to one of my readers and all you have to do is to join in the fun! 

So here's the deal: make a funny face and send your best picture to me at my email at If you are a little less shy you can also send me your pictures through one of the methods below with your social media accounts:

  • Facebook: Upload your picture with " #sketchtostore #funnyfaces #jjgiveaways" 
  • Twitter: Tweet your picture with " @FCUK #sketchtostore #funnyfaces #jjgiveaways" 
  • Instagram: Snap your picture with the hashtags "#sketchtostore #funnyfaces #jjgiveaways"

You'll just need to snap them with your phone! Anyone can join in internationally till next Wednesday on the 18th September. I'll pick a favourite and the winner will receive a gift to shop at French Connection - okay now that's a very big hint itself. Don't forget to include the hashtag #jjgiveaways so I would be able to trace your uploads. Have fun with it!

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  1. Funny and sweet pics! :)

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  3. these look so funny!

  4. Adorable :)
    Great initiative!

  5. great post! very conceptual, and on the first pic you look so cute!

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