Sunset Silhouettes

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Pictures by KJ
CATCHING SUNSETS  If you are in Singapore you would probably have already known that there aren't too many pretty sunsets we get to catch around here. It's either the sun setting behind some high-rise buildings or well in this case, lots of trees. You don't see the red sun going down the horizon where the skies meet the ocean, but once in a while we do get some beautiful colors.

Today wasn't easy to come by - I spent my entire week buried in books (huhu eyesight deteriorating and turning into a complete geek). Sundays are when I keep myself books-free. My final year examinations are just a couple of weeks away - yay to graduation after that! - but yep you would probably make a correct guess on what my schedules would be like for now. Darn this is totally dreadful - it's not that I dislike learning or attending classes, but it's the packed deadlines we students have to meet that's totally ugh. Well, c'est la vie.

KJ and I were driving up north today where we passed by the Seletar area just around sunset and we decided to sit around to unwind. Just to catch some breeze and to admire the colors in the skies. It reminds me of the times in Northern Territory Australia where a bunch of us went catching sunsets almost every other day - pure laid-back. I have always thought of migrating or leaving in another continent, but today as I watched the sunset it made me realise Singapore is not thattt bad either. If only we could stop our pace a little more often there are still gorgeous sceneries around. Meanwhile, excuse me while I try to survive another week ahead.


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  1. Sooo nice pics.

  2. Wow the jumping pics are gorgeous!!!

  3. beautiful pics, sunset..fabulous !


  4. very nice pics :)

  5. Simply gorgeous pictures!:)

  6. Those pictures looks great!
    The sunset is so beautiful :)
    Love to watch it and especially at the beach <3