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MOISELLE x ZING | GERMAIN  Two weeks ago - oh my god this sounds like eons ago I'm sorry! I'm just catching up on all the backlog of events and pictures which I've taken over the craaaazy week of examinations period. Not that it's over... I still have my last paper before I am officially free of school! But my last paper wouldn't be so soon until next week, so I've decided I'm going to catch up with my blog.

Right, so two weeks ago KJ and I were invited to FIDé Fashion Week 2013 held at Marina Bay Sands to attend Moiselle x Zing and Germain's show. It was my first time attending fashion week and it means so much to me - Having started to turn my blog into a style blog late last year I have been given so many amazing opportunities and experiences. I was so excited about it! The FW 2013 collection from Moiselle was romantic and exquisite at the same time - there were intricate embellishment, embroidery, beading on from cocktail dresses to evening gowns which were pure beautiful. Our second show for the night was Germain with their AW 2013 collection. Now this show is much different as it showcased Parisian women’s wear with minimalist designs and sharp silhouettes. You know, I'm a total fan of minimalist where the designs were made for daily wear with monotonous colors and irregular cuts details. Very chic.

It was nice to know KJ was equally stoked about it. There he was, doing all the social media uploading throughout the show while I could only look in envy because my phone had went flat! I was frantically charging my phone in the car while we were on the way but still it didn't last me long huhu. (That must be the stupidest thing I could have forgotten to do right before attending a show) Yep. My outfit for that day was a mix of prints in monotone. Was having a dilemma on what to go with my black skirt and blazer until I went by my mother's wardrobe (seriously it's like a treasure cove) and pulled out this cropped top - and now it's mine! Hope you girls like this look and enjoy the pictures!

Today's Outfit

Blazer: Lovelle Boutique
Top: Mum's Wardrobe
Skirt: Bugis Street
Bracelet: Lovelle Boutique
Clutch: Target
Heels: Taobao

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  1. Me encanta el look!!!

  2. You look beautiful Jaslin!
    Love the look <3
    The collection looks gorgeous :)
    Would love to visit a fashion week like that!

  3. nice look darling :)

  4. you look so gorgeous dear..

  5. Such a beautiful and polished look. The shirt and blazer look great together!