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Pictures by KJ
FEELING BLUE Voila! Something a little bit more upbeat to start off the entry because my schedules are entirely depressing. I'm staying in at home for the entire week! Just trying to finish up the last of my assignments before starting on my study schedule (which is fully packed by the way, ughh...) for my examination papers in a week's time. So okay, I'm trying my very best not to constantly harp on my studies in every other entries but I'm getting all so stressed up about it!

My final semester modules are craazzzyyyy and it's until an extent where I'm seriously worried about the possibility of failing my papers. I tend to set very high expectations for myself studies wise (do well or go home.. you know, that sort of thing) so failing was never something I had to think about. The bars set for our final year papers has just been raised to an entirely new level and right now it feels like I'm in a race with time. This feels horrible and all I'm thinking about is to flop on my bed and probably potate all day. That sounds sooo very inviting.

Anyway, here was what I wore when KJ and I attended a friend's wedding last weekend! Picked up my new pair of heels which proved to be a less than strategic decision because I was quickly staggering and stumbling in them in less than half an hour. What was I thinking when these heels were never seasoned?? I had two huge blisters in such a short time and oh my gosh it was total sheer agony. Ouch ouch.. By the end of the day I threw in the towel and walked barefooted. Now I guess we are back to basics.

Outfit of the Day

Dress: Lovelle Boutique
Outerwear: Lovelle Boutique
Clutch: Target
Heels: Lovelle Boutique

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  1. Love the jacket and heels!

  2. Love with heels :)

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  3. i love your dress! you look really pretty Jaslin! :D


  4. Very nice outfit dear :)

  5. Nice and I like that dress.

  6. Beautiful touch with the leopard clutch!
    Your hair looks so nice :)

  7. So cute ! Love the dress:-)