Sails in the Desert

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CULTURE INSPIRED  It's been almost one and a half month since I'm back from Northern Territory Australia but I'm still having withdrawal symptoms! Not quite sure if that's a good thing but I think it is, right? I look at the pile of revisions lying in front of me and honestly, life isn't exciting. I'm having my final year papers next week so right now it's crunch time for everyone and I'm trying my best-est to prioritise my time well. (Which explains for the recent lack of update.. oopsie daisy.) But I am very much active on my Instagram account (@justjaslin).   

Anyway for today I wanted to talk a little bit about our hotel stay when I was in Ayers Rock Australia. While we were on our trip we had a chance to stay in this luxurious hotel in named Sails in the Desert. Which is pretty apt because technically, the hotel is situated right in the middle of Australia's untamed outback. What I found really alluring was how the hotel's design elements referenced the essence and environment of Northern Territory's Red Center.

In detail you can just spot how the local Aboriginal's culture, artwork, and colour had been interwoven into every facet of the hotel's design. From the dot work on the lobby carpet design all the way to the Aboriginal symbols, dot paintings and wood carvings hand made by local aboriginal artists in our room. It was exquisite. It's just like we are staying right in the heart Uluru's culture and I find it really heartwarming and welcoming.

Among all our accommodations that we stayed in during our trip, this was one which I enjoyed staying in the most. *Grins* I had six fluffy pillows to myself (totally comfyyyyy) with thick blanket covers. It was a psychological and physical war with the bed - AND the six fluffy pillows - when I had to wake up at 5a.m. on one of the mornings. If you are in Uluru, this is where you have to and need to stay. 


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Sails in the Desert
Sails in the Desert is also one of the Club Accor Hotels

This trip to Northern Territory Australia has been kindly sponsored by NTAustralia and meticulously coordinated by


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