Work Overdose

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Pictures by KJ
HANDLING TOO MUCH Oh my god! It's been one whole week since I last blogged. Holy cat. I don't even know where I should begin because for the entire week I have been staying in at home.. hitting the books.. feeling half dead because right now it's the final examination period!! (Yes with exclamation marks because my life revolves around that right now, how sad argh.) I didn't have the luxury of time to update this space, every minute spent typing on the keyboard equates to another minute with my books, even though I would totally prefer the former.

I just finished two exam papers this week, one after the next so it's like right after I'm done with my first paper I gotta rush home and start on the next. My gosh I think it's even more tiring than running a triathlon! Just the other day I developed a bad headache midway through my revisions and I had to suppress it with panadols to carry on (instead of getting some precious sleep huhu). Great news is that I'm having my third paper tomorrow and I can finally give myself some break! My brain have been totally fried - over and over again over the past 2 weeks. You won't believe how zombified I feel after these two weeks of intense study session at home. 

But perhaps the best bit about tomorrow is my appointment with my dentist - I'm getting my braces off! I'm so excited but nervous at the same time because one, I'm getting injections (still not a fan of them) and two, there is a possibility I might need to get my gum surgery done again (which equates to more injections, damn). Hopefully I don't weep again on the dentist chair and I'll get through the part of biting on the mold tray to prep my retainers.. But ah, I think it's going to be all worth it. Keeping my fingers crossed! 

P.S. If you are doing blog hopping right now, you can check out AMC! I recently got to know her where she's from Finland and had recently migrated over to Singapore - what she blogs about always gives me an different perspective of our sunny island.

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  1. Hey girl! Thanks for your nice words! Woke up (yes, a bit late...) to a happy start for the day! :)

    X Ang Moh Chick

  2. you look fabulous! good luck with your exams ;D
    hope you can join my giveaway!


  3. Nice pictures.
    And I hope it all goes well on the dentist :D