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Pictures by KJ
SUNDAY LAZE  Hi guys wow I miss blogging (um it has been one day.. two days.. three days..), it's just like I'm functioning without having my phone. (Okay major blogger addict coming through..) Come to think about it it's kind of funny how I still have the hots for my blog after so many years. I must be doing long-term relationships right. KJ and I have been rather busy over the past few days, going out and about for meetings and all where we were just dead beat at the end of the day. (my eyebags are coming out again huhu)

Yesterday we decided to take a short whirl out with KJ's younger sister Amanda out to the launch party of Chic Kiss Love's retail store at CT Hub. They feature a collection of apparels from various blog shops which I think should be a popular hit with the office ladies since they were located at the ground floor of an office building - quite an interesting pick of a location I must say. Although the shop front was quite lovely, I feel that a good alternative would be their online web store (most of the apparels are on sale for now). Apparels in their retail store are mostly at full retail prices, ranging between $20 to $30 for tops and $25 to $45 for dresses. If you are in the area of Lavender and Kallang you can also drop by and check them out!

It's just a pity that both Amanda and I didn't caught anything we fancy yesterday. SO, we sort of agreed to save our shopping for Bangkok instead! Bangkok shopping fever in two weeks go go go!

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