Denim Crush

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Pictures by KJ
FEELING FREE  Having nothing on your schedule for the day is possibly one of the best feelings in the world. Now that my exams are over I do not have to wake up to 15 snoozing alarms (all set apart at 3 minutes each to make sure I really wake up), bury my head under books or what not and just head out to enjoy the sun. I'm pretty sure this is what liberation feels like.  Over the past few days I've just been just doing what I feel like doing - ie. playing candy crush in the morning when I wake up till it annoys me enough to get out of bed; heading out and returning home to bed nightly without having to worry of any uncompleted work. Life is great (no really, it's awesome!).

Just the other day while I was dressing up I did my make up (uhh, I think I'm doing it right..) and my hair (oh wow it's been long since I last used my curler..) It was such a face palm moment where I think I've grown unfamiliar with my tools. So anyway I finally made it out to the door and I've brought my new denim jacket out for a whim! Had it slung over my shoulders and I think that's always a good trick to balance body proportions together with a cropped top and denim high waists. 

I was so excited about this set of pictures because KJ and I finally caught the "golden time"! You know how everyone stresses the importance of light when it came to pictures and this, is the magical time that makes every picture turn out like a million bucks (okay not quite literally, but you get what I mean..). KJ was pretty convinced that the back-lit lights would be too harsh until I insisted that we just give it a try - and it was magic! We just love how the colors and gradients turned out on pictures and I hope you do too.

That aside I've changed the blog's layout - and I looove it because it always feels like getting a new coat of paint. Now I have a little banner as well as some curtains as my background. What do you think of it? But it's is not really the final look where I'm going to work on my pages and sidebar elements over the next few days. Meanwhile I'm going to catch some sleep for the night first and have a great Sunday everyone!


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  1. Those pictures turned out so great!
    You look so pretty Jaslin!
    It's great to hear you have nothing on your schedule :)
    I still want to take pictures like that :)

    ps. I love your new blog layout ;)

  2. So gorgeous &perfect! This is really the best! Envy you, hope i can be like you!

    1. Thank you so much! My life is quite mundane honestly..

  3. Simple and nice. Perfect shoes.

  4. having nothing to do is definitely the best feeling ever! I'm so looking forward my next break when I can have that "task" again :)
    gorgous pictures!
    love, Bea from

    1. Haha yes! But sometimes it feels kinda of guilty too because I'm like wasting my time..

  5. Stunning!!! love the heels with that look!!!

  6. This is perfection <3


  7. Perfect look, you are feminine, chic and stylish ! Love your style, new follower on Bloglovin. I invite you to my site, hope you will like it too :) Kisses from Italy

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  8. so lovely look dear :)

  9. You look gorgeous dear!! Loving your looks <3 :) Have a nice evening~