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FLOG IT, STYLE IT, BUY IT, WEAR IT  If you really like online shopping (like myself..) you have got to read on because recently I just joined the community on Fashflog! Remember how I said on my recent Instagram post that there's this newly launched fashion logging portal in Singapore where you can basically track and follow my shopping activities and finds? This is it!! I've just got myself a new account on Fashflog a week ago and I have to tell you that this portal is super interesting.

Do you girls know Pinterest or Fashiolista? (But never mind if you don't too, but you haaave to check this out.) Fashflog works in the same way that it allows you to flog - just like how we always bookmark or favorite a page with that little yellow star on the toolbar? Yep except that now its going to be a cute icon of a hanger and we're bookmarking clothes! (I mean, isn't the concept totally cute. I can imagine myself taking out a hanger out to keep all my shopping wants and finds all in a corner virtually..)

In that way, Fashflog is like a space for fashion lovers (like you and meee) where we can share and discover fashion finds from the web and from each other. Basically anything and everything of my fashion wants can be logged down (Come on let's face it, we all have them.., right?)

I think I wouldn't have to mention it guiltily again but you all would probably already know how much I love to do my shopping online.. In the comfort of my couch and my PJs (they are really the best combination ever). But no, today I'm not going to talk about shopping.

Let's have a little talk about shopping habits. I don't know if it's only me, but when it comes to shopping online in Singapore I've learnt to never check out anything immediately (of course this doesn't applies if the word 'sale' is flashing right in front of you but no, that's not the point too). There was once that I bought this pretty pricey shorts off a blog-shop and the next moment I knew, I was staring down at the exact same piece in another blog-shop, but at almost half the price tag! (You have no idea how much I want to kick myself in the butt) So yep keeping second thoughts on most of my purchases now. I think that's totally fine. Problem is, it becomes an issue of whether the shopping cart is going to remember my items or its not. (Sadly, most of them don't..huhu)  If only you could see my desktop, I have this huge amount of sticky-notes that I paste urls of apparels which I apparently like + have yet to decide upon that I can't even remember which was what now. Story of my life.

The other day as we received this email from Fashflog, I checked their web portal and I'm like omg, this is what I need. I have both Pinterest and Fashiolista accounts but I no longer use them because they got kind of boring.. Then there's Fashflog which I quickly assumed that it had the same concept initially. But no, this is even more interesting. I can get "fashpoints" for almost every activity I do with Fashflog (and then exchange these points for sponsored fash rewards like accessories.. bags.. and concert tickets!!). I'm sold. This is a playground. 

The best thing is probably how I can incorporate Fashflog with my shopping activities. So right now I'm flogging all my "second thoughts" where it will appear on my flogpage (here). The more I flog the more fashpoints I'll earn (it's the perfect excuse reason). It's like being rewarded for shopping. I know sometimes I also get quite a couple of questions as to where I shop from (i.e. saying that I got my shoes from Taobao isn't a very good lead because there's tonnes of sellers on Taobao) so now you can basically track my shopping activities and fashion finds! (yep that also includes a wholesale site where I secretly to do my shopping on..so now you know!)

From the items I've flogged there will always be the direct link to purchase them so that kind of means I can finally scrap the whole sticky-notes thing from my desktop. (Seriously they're already covering half of my desktop and I'm not even kidding you) 

Each time I want to flog down an item I'll just need to click the cute little hanger on my toolbar - and there'll be a pop-up page for me to select the pictures with the category and I'm done. They'll be on my flogpage for me to keep tabs on. I actually already have quite a couple of items on my flogpage.. and counting. #cantstopwontstop

With all them items I flogged (or even items flogged by other fashfloggers) I can create my own lookbook with the style canvas. Having a pint sized wardrobe AND the pure hot summer all year round in Singapore, it generally means 1) limited choices and  2) can't experiment winter fashion. All that boots.. trenchcoats.. layering fun... ah this is torturous. Alas, I can still put them on a style canvas. And maybe inspire others in the process. (Hopefully!) I always think one of the most rewarding things about blogging and sharing experiences is how I can inspire others to do something too. Just like how I was equally inspired by a friend of mine to start style blogging, I have never looked back ever since.

On a side note, I also honestly think that it's going to be totally apt for creating wish lists. (Christmas just coming up around the corner tralala) I mean, with direct links on each flogged items it's not going to be too hard to know where to look for.. right?

And with #ootd pictures always on my Instagram timeline (it's kind of like an integral thing now), I can also sync my Instagram feed with my Fashflog account! All my recent Instagram pictures with the #ootd hashtag will be synced with my looks' page on in my profile. I mean, isn't it so convenient? No need to re-upload my outfits onto my profile.. I'll just do my usual Instagram post with #ootd and #fashflog hashtags and they'll be up on my Fashflog account!

I'm currently playing around, flogging my shopping finds, and it's so much fun. There's fashpoints for every item flogged or reflogged, looks styled, comments left, hearting an item or getting hearted back.. following someone on Fashflog or even getting new followers... ah it's everything.

Fashflog was only just launched last month so the community is still small and cosy. If you are like a fashion lover, fashionista.. or even an online shopping junkie (like me, yes) you haaave to check their portal out. I think you will love it! The mobile version for easier browsing and hearting on the go will be coming up soon. If you are on Fashflog, drop me a comment on my profile so we can keep in touch! I will be Fashflog's style ambassador over the next 3 months and I can't wait to share with you girls about their new promotion in the next entry. More tomorrow and follow me on Fashflog! (Just hover over any flogged items and you'll find the Follow button!)

See you on Fashflog!
You can join Fashflog (here) and find my profile (here).

Love, Jaslin

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  1. This concept sounds great!
    Thank you for sharing :)
    Going to check it out right now!

  2. Love the pics! you look gorgeous! Fashflog sounds great, loved the idea of the points.


  3. Great outfit! Beautiful photos!

    Best wishes!

    Internetional GIVEAWAY!