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Pictures by KJ
CUPPA COFFEE  Recently I'm in love with burgundy and fishtails skirts! (or ruffles, if you call it) Initially I was quite worried about how it'll look because ruffles always magnify and brings attention to everything. Being blessed with round hips and my family's voluptuous thighs (plus my petite frame) I have to admit I was rather apprehensive about it. But hey there's no rules to fashion right? It's all about having fun while dressing up and embracing what we have. Usually I don't really take a fancy to short skirts (with skater skirts an exception) because somehow they always shift around the hips.. especially the denim ones! I remember how the sides would always inch to the front after a while and it's so embarrassingly awkward having to keep adjusting my skirt in public. Can you girls relate or am I alone in this weird situation??

Thankfully when the skirt arrived in the mail it fitted me okay. The only thing was that it didn't fit my waist (but that's always the same issue. I mean, either it fits the waist OR the hips, never both) where I looked like I had two meals too full. Apart from that everything's good, I still like it very much.

Last weekend KJ and I went to this backpackers' cafe called Working Title along Arab Street. Both of us are not really onto the cafe bandwagon (yet) but this place is surprisingly cosy to be at. Can you believe we actually spent close to two hours just sitting in with some coffee and finger-food? (time flies when you are in good company, isnt it). I was so happy when I found that they have these little mini hashbrown pops on the menu! Whenever I was in Malaysia I always always aaalways went to Mary Brown just to get some of them.

If you read my previous post about this new fashion logging portal called Fashflog, they just paired up with Working Title on a new promotion! Café culture has grown so much in Singapore (who would have guessed holding a cup of Starbucks in your hands now meant a statement..) so yep Fashflog also wants to treat their fashion lovers to a free cup of coffee when we dress-up to cafés like Working Title. This promo is going to be for the ladies (sorry guys, but you have to understand that we ladies need a lot more time and effort when it comes to dressing up.. we're talking about the insane amount of time it takes just to blow dry our hair, plus the makeup, hair, clothes..)

So, ladies, we just need to show the cute barista your OOTD look taken that day on your Flog page from your mobile and you can have a cuppa on the house! (there's Cuppuccino.. Café Latte, Flat White and Long Black for you) I synced my Instagram account during sign-up with Fashflog and all my previous #OOTD and #Fashflog pictures taken via Instagram goes straight into my Flogpage now. (Isn't this just convenience at its best) If you are at Bugis or Haji Lane for shopping just pop by onto the next street! Working Title is on Arab Street where this promo will be limited to 100 cups for now, one cuppa per fashionista. I'll say it's the perfect café to swing by for some really nice bites (and pictures) and a good cup of coffee. x

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  1. Very very pretty, dear!! And love so much the pictures!