Goodbye braces

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BRACES OUT, SCHOOL'S OUT  Woohoo! Probably one of the happiest week throughout the past month because I got finally got my braces removed AND, today marks the end of my education. I mean, hello, I have been waiting for years to declare that. 2 years in nursery, 2 years in kindergarten, 6 years in primary school, 4 years in secondary school, 3 years in my Diploma program and another 1.5 years in my current Bachelor's degree. 

I have finally completed our grueling education system (yay me!) with my brains fried over and over again. So right now I'm just going to await my results and my Graduation letter. Then again that requires some pretty tough luck because I really had big time trouble with one of the papers. Honestly it just kind of sucks when you have a worry constantly hanging at the back of your mind especially when there is no way to solving it anytime soon. Not that I like being such a worrywart (then again who does, hur hur) but I can't get it out of my mind. This is dreadful. 

Speaking about my braces okay I admit it's no longer news if you are on my Facebook/Instagram but I still need to blog about it. I absoooolutely have to. I'm still so amazed by how my teeth looks like right now! I used to blog about my experience with braces but when things like consultations and all fell into mundane some time later I kinda stopped blogging it about it. Except for my progress at the 1st month and 1st year (here and here). 

It feels nice to know how I managed to persuade some of my friends to put on braces. I'm all for going after a pretty smile if the finance allows - I can't believe I procrastinated so long to make my first consultation call. Honestly I think the process throughout the entire 26 months wasn't that bad, the occasional aches are bearable. Perhaps what hit me in the gut was the extractions (okay actually they are not thaaat bad too) and the injections (gosh they are a pain in the mouth) and a subsequent gum surgery. But at the end of all that it's all worth it. 

Now that my braces are out it feels weird - in a good way of weird, you know. It's taking me some time getting used to retainers and maintaining a discipline around it. I took out my retainers subconsciously during the first night in my sleep! Thankfully I found them on my bed and that they were still intact. And right, KJ says he can't quite recognise me and that he just got himself a new girlfriend.

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  1. I like it. Have a nice day.

  2. I'm so glad for you :)
    Congratulations on graduation Jaslin!
    That's so great to here, I can't wait to graduate too :)
    You're so pretty <3

  3. So many good news.
    Congrats on your graduation!
    And your smile looks great :)

  4. Congrats! You are so cute :)

  5. Congrats !! Its such a pleasure to bid adieu to books ! Ask me ! And I am loving ur new look, and ur hair too !

  6. You look so pretty, congratulations about school and braces! I have two brothers and one needed braces once, whereas me and the other were "lucky" and didn't need. But I think it is so good that there's this alternative to make everybody feel better! My brother liked it! I am sorry I didn't visit your blog (and any other, and even mine) for some weeks, I was dealing with things that kept me super busy, but now I am here again! denisesplanet com

    1. Thank you Denise! Yes thankfully there's an option of braces, you're so lucky!

  7. Hi, may I know how old is your doctor? Since you said he had 14 years of experience...