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Pictures by KJ
ALL ABOUT TIME Happy Monday everyone! It feels really nice to be able to spend more effort into blogging now that I have more time on hand. And by that I have started to incorporate some "make up time" into my daily prep routine! I have always understood that make up should go hand in hand with fashion; they are about creativity in downplaying your flaws and bringing out the best of you. But to be honest I haven't been giving too much credit to the former.

Plus, I've realised makeup is hardly visible on pictures! I tend to just use eye-shadows as my eyeliner but most of the times I'm getting comments that I looked like a sick cat. (Honestly does it really look that bad?) Personally I feel slightly uncomfortable if I were to have a conversation with someone having too much make up (it's a very very fine line) so I'll usually stop at a point where I think it's enough. Ah, apparently I'm equally bad at it. This is going to take lots of practice.

Yesterday's weather has been rather forgiving - one of those days that made me want to pick some long sleeves for the day. KJ and I were out running some errands and so I had a very casual outfit on with this stripes.. top. Well I think it was at least meant to be a top (the tag says its a size 12) but i think it worked a whole lot better as a dress for me. I actually really like these sort of sleeved straight cut dresses because they work really comfortable and nice as casual wear!

I have been keeping an eye out for similar ones in Singapore but I have never seem to come across any of it - they are mostly bodycons or sleeveless a-line dresses. (If you are a blogshop owner or a designer could someone manufacture a casual piece like this please?) A funny thing I noticed about wearing it was that because it ended at the same length as my shorts (plus they was in khaki), people looked at me like I didn't had any on! It was especially so with the elderly women where I was constantly returning a weak smile of "please don't stare.. me wore pants" ...

That aside, I'm also wearing this gorgeous Rio double chain leather watch that's kindly sent over by the lovely team from La Mer Collections. It has multiple silver chains that sit alongside the black leather strap (which is incredibly soft) and it feels very comfortable around my wrists. I mean, the humid weather we have is kind of tricky when it comes to watches.. some will always stick uncomfortably to your skin, but this is totally different. Plus, that's a soft leather bracelet AND a watch in one. What I think is really special about La Mer Collections are that each of their watches are meticulously handcrafted by artisans, turning them into individual pieces of art. There are also others that come with charms, crystals, or even stones on their website at and I think you girls will love it!

WATCH // c/o LA MER COLLECTIONS (item here)

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  1. Your maxi t-shirt is really really nice :)

  2. Lovely. I like how you combine it :)

  3. Love Love Love <3

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  4. i really like your heels x

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  5. That dress that fades into colour is so adorable!


  6. Really great. Have a nice day-

  7. Oh I loved the top! I love colorful stripes! And the shoes are faaaabulous, believe me (well, you know that!) The watch is also lovely and you look extremely beautiful! Well, I like makeup, but I like the way you have been doing it. I tend to like a more natural look, and I think your take on that is really done well! But more makeup is also cool sometimes, so, why not? Depends on the moment, I think! denisesplanet com

  8. Wow these pics are stunning! I also tend to look a bit pale, even tough I'm wearing make up:)

  9. hey jaslin! you can simply just pop on some blusher to the apples of your cheeks and also bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks, sides of nose and temples/hairline for some flush and create some dimensions on your face. The contouring can help give the illusion of a smaller face and sharper nose :)