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Pictures by KJ
HALLOWEEN THIS YEAR  Was really just about staying in. I'm not kidding you! This year we were all really busy with our commitments on hand that we sort of decided to just skip it. Actually to think about it, Halloween hasn't been a big thing in the past. When I was in secondary school nobody celebrated Halloween - there wasn't any Halloween Horror Nights nor the occasional Halloween events at Night Safara. Not until when I was 15 when a classmate of mine invited all of us over to his estate area in Woodgrove. Holy cat. There's a whole lot of celebration going about in that area!

We would collect bags of candies, pop by the gorgeous but creepily decorated mansions in that estate for trick or treats with people going about in real costumes. It's the coveted place for Halloween. Then again I have to convince myself that I'm getting old for trick or treats during the last few years. No seriously, it's true. The last time I went around for trick or treat, I had a couple of suspicious looks shot my way. There I was, still thinking I could muddle my way through with my baby face... Okay so..maybe not. (There comes this day when I have to deal with my age.)

So this year instead of all the interesting make up I wanted to try a little bit of a haute look for Halloween.  I honestly thought I could add a little more dimension and details.. maybe try some layering with skirts.. But time has not been a friend of mine this month hence I just went in for a black maxi. Damn this exam thing and my poor time management is taking its toll on me.

Oh yep that aside, recently I have been thinking of restructuring my blog layout a bit, just changing some elements here and there. The other day I asked on my Twitter what you guys felt about the page break 'Click here to see more' and some told me that they'll prefer if I just do away with it. Sort of like just displaying all the pictures (such as this post) where you can scroll all the way through. What do you think of it? I think I need opinions.. I can't seem to figure out if this works better or the usual page break format. And I also hope you guys have a great November ahead!

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  1. I love these pics!!! :) My favourite from your posts so far!

    X AMC

  2. Really sooo nice pics.

  3. Wow you look stunning! amazing pics!

  4. Very elegant! :)