Bangkok Jam

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Pictures by KJ
STREETS OF BANGKOK  I'm back in Singapore! Bangkok had been a well needed holiday and a shopping trip seeing that the New Year is coming as well. I travelled with KJ and his family and cousins on this trip, so if you ask me how was Bangkok, I'll say it's fun! But pretty tiring at the same time. It's funny how people are supposed to relax while on holidays.. But let me tell you we had our itinerary jam packed all the way from the morning (like, 4am for pratunam market) all the way till the night where we hit the night markets. This is some really extreme shopping trip. Thank god I brought my compression socks to save my tired feet while I sleep.

Despite being my third trip to Bangkok, I had some really special experiences. I tried a local style Mookata for the first time (it was totally goood, we even bought back a mookata steamboat set...), dining at concept restaurants.. plus we also went to the Bungsamrun Fishing Park for some Mekong catfish fishing!! Now if you have been reading my blog all along you would have known that KJ is an avid angler.. So, that means more or less I've also learned a little of the ropes. I think the whole Mekong Catfish experience just redefined the word fishing. (I mean, hello, reeling in a 35kg fish is not really funny..) All of us had a go at it and most of us had to stuck on Salonpas sticker on our arms the next day. I had to stuck one at my underarm!

So, lets talk about the shopping. We went to popular places like Pratunam Market and this HAS to be the first place you visit before you start your shopping in Bangkok (the wholesale period starts at 4am where prices are generally 100 baht for tops and shorts alike - but try not to visit between 9.30 to 11 a.m. because that's when the stall owners are changing and most stalls will be closed). Others include the Platinum Fashion mall, Chatuchak, Siam night markets, Big C, and all the night stalls just right below our inn. We were staying at the Bangkok City Inn, a fairly convenient place so we pretty much explored everywhere by feet. I mean, it is so important to stay near to the shopping district because every time we changed shopping locations we had to head back to our hotel to drop off our purchases. It was a little pity we didn't had enough time (and cash - now that's really peculiar because we even had to request the help of our relatives to help activate our bank's card just so we could withdraw additional cash from the ATM in Bangkok..) Then again, time in Bangkok can never be enough because there's too much to explore!

The guys on the trip also managed to get their tailored made clothes and it was such an eye-opener. (I have also decided to blog about in my next entries) I was super happy with myself at the end of the trip because I managed to get all of the things I had wanted to get. (Tops.. Dresses.. Rompers.. Bags.. Shoes.. Hats.. Gifts.. Local food products.. Ahem okay this list is getting too long). But one thing that everyone does when traveling to Bangkok is to only prep clothes for a third of the trip - and buy everything else there. (I mean, this is really true. I had to upsize my luggage weight to a wholesome 25kg using my tiny phone and an internet connection while in Bangkok..) Everything I'm wearing in this outfit post was from Bangkok! I was going everywhere to find this pair of Melissa inspired jelly shoes and just as I thought I ran out of luck, I finally found it tucked away in a corner of a shop in Platinum mall. Yay me!! The reason I've looked high and low for it is that it looks pretty tall (but in fact the actual heel height is only about an inch, so it's very comfortable for walking) and it's perfect for rainy days.

Although the shopping is real affordable in Bangkok (we're saying about SGD4 or a US$3 for most apparels), I won't say that the poverty which is very apparent in Bangkok didn't affect me. When I travelled to Bangkok when I was younger back then, I didn't understood these. As we all grew up and learned more about issues, it just heartens me to see how there are so many children begging for money or a mother with her sleeping baby on the overhead bridge. Although I believe we all already know how terrible how things are or the poverty can be in Bangkok, I am not saying that we should just turn a blind eye to all the issues. What I honestly think is that we should be appreciative of the affordable shopping we get when we travel to Thailand. Ultimately, there's only so much that we can do because that's just how things are in Bangkok. Until there is a change for the better, I feel very thankful of the lifestyle and all that shopping spree which I can possibly afford when in Bangkok. As far as the trip went, I want to share with you some of the sights and experiences that we had and I hope you guys enjoy this entry!

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  1. Gorgeous post and phenomenal pics!

  2. Bonitas fotografías!!

  3. You look adorable! I loved your shoes! You are always very stylish and very pretty! never went to Bangkok, so reading your blog was great - I wish I can go one day! I loved the traffic picture and the necklaces are great! It must be such a great place to go! denisesplanet com

  4. Interesting pics darling :)

  5. You took so many great pictures! Glad to hear you had a fun time in Bangkok :)
    Your outfit looks very stylish! I've been wandering if thos jelly type of shoes are comfy :p
    Great purchases Jaslin!

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