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Pictures by KJ
CATCHING UP  It's the early hours of the morning and I can finally get down to blog! I have been so busy during the past few days that honestly I've sort of lost count of the dates or even days.. (Today's Monday? Or Tuesday..?) Sometimes I kind of dislike the idea of breaking the momentum of blogging because after a short hiatus it's either that you have too much content that you don't know where to start from... or that the happenings were already long over. I mean, sharing about my daily thoughts and all does sounds a lot better as compared to sharing last week's, right? And then there's some more e-mails to answer.. pictures to edit.. article preparation and so on..  

Not that I'm complaining! I love what I'm doing but it just weighs down a lot on my mind when I know that there's a backlog snowballing.. On some days my schedule can get so completely craaaazy that I can't even squeeze out time to update my social media accounts or catch enough sleep. (still surviving on an hour's sleep from last night) Let's just say I'm more of a person who enjoys clearing all my check list before I hit the pillows.. (holy moly it's going 5 a.m. in the morning)

And then there's also the issue of my desktop which crashed last night (they always seem to crash at the most crucial time of your life) that made KJ and I rush back to his house to have it fixed up. Thankfully for me we managed to retrieve my data, and here's some pictures that KJ and I took last weekend when we decided to catch a break and went out for a quick lunch date! I came to realise that we haven't really took time to wind down.. After the finishing of my papers it's his turn on all the assignments and exams now, so yep we're so excited for our Bangkok trip next week!!! Then again, there's so much news (bad news at that) about the worsening riot situation in Bangkok that we are constantly keeping an eye out for. If it gets really bad I guess we might just have to reschedule our flight and hotel. (touch wood)  Meanwhile I hope you guys like these pictures and have a great December!! There's Christmas just around the corner.. then it's New Year's Eve and before we know it it's the Lunar New Year period! This is probably the best few months I always look forward to every year. 

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  1. You look amazing! Love the look of the tied shirt around your waist.


  2. nice! great shoes :)

  3. Very nice look Jaslin!
    Those boots and sunnies are just wow :)
    Would love to wear summer clothes like you (a)