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CHRISTMAS INSPIRATIONS  Hi everyone! I hope your weekend has been superb so far. Christmas is just around the corner (in two days!) and I'm looking so much to it. We already have a Xmas party and a big gift exchange planned on the eve at KJ's house with his family and relatives where everyone is playing secret Santa. Basically everyone draws a name and prepares a gift for that particular person without letting anyone know. Some of them are really funny and full of jokes that I'm already very sure there's going to be some sort of a funny gift around. I mean, what other out-of-the-box gifts can you possibly anticipate when there's already an edible candy underwear circulating around in last year's gift exchange? (And by that, it had been a bikini strung together by lots of candies)

So right now I have everyone's name on the list (I know everyone's secret!) and I have to keep my lips super duper tight with the younger kids constantly prying me for the names of their Santa. We are also going to have potluck for the food and personally I'm thinking of prepping some pasta with together with KJ or maybe almond jellies as well. Suuuuper excited! I'm also looking very forward to catching up with some of KJ's cousins and relatives whom I don't get to see often. Thinking about all these just makes me feel that Christmas is such a heart-warming occasion. How about you guys? Have you had any plans for this coming Christmas?

I've put together a couple of outfits on my Fashflog account that's all inspired by this Christmas festive. To me Christmas is all about having some glitter (not just only on the Christmas tree) and sparkly details on the clothes too. It's really all about having fun dressing up! I'm just short of wearing both green and red out with a bright red santa hat.. (No I was just kidding about it) But the magic word is still having a balance. Personally, I like to play with colors and have one item in my outfit as a key stand-out-look-at-me kind of piece, you know? Perhaps it can be a super sparkly bag.. a glitter dress.. or maybe even a crystal embellished top.. anything! As it has been raining a lot more often recently you can see that I've taken more to sweaters and trousers to bundle up a bit.. Which one do you like best? On my Flogpage (here) there's direct links to each and every item so you girls can also find out where everything is from too!

That aside, I also want to mention a big thank you to the lovely Fashflog team for their feature. Recently I did a short interview with them and it's all up on the website (here)! I feel so incredibly happy and honored about it that I could do a happy dance right now. Whenever I do my online shopping I'm always on Fashflog now (bookmark alllllllll my favourite items yay!). I think you can totally tell from all the numerous items that I've flogged. This is THE perfect time for me to keep tabs on what to get for the Chinese New Year. Even though I already have a luggage full of clothes back from Bangkok... I think.. it doesn't hurt to do some more windows shopping, right?  #cantstop #wontstop

Plus, there's always perks for me when I flog my items hehe. I'm getting Fashpoints for almost everything I'm doing on Fashflog (if you still remember from my previous article on Fashflog from a couple of weeks back!) and now there's this upcoming promo whereby popular flogged items will be turned into Fash Rewards. Bascially the more hearts an item gets, the more popular it becomes and I can redeem it when it's featured in Fash Rewards. If you haven't have an account with Fashflog yet come join me!

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  1. Congratulations on your award. What a nice thing to win. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. I really liked this post, specially the last suggestion of outfit :)