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TRAVELLING  Hello everyone! When you are reading this I should be in Bangkok already (in shopping heaven hurray!!) on my long awaited trip. Will be away for about a week but I've also pre-scheduled a couple of entries on my blog while I'm away. Nonetheless I'll still be connected on my social media (I'm such an addict huhu) where I will most probably be on my Instagram and Twitter accounts. All of us have been getting quite concerned about their protests and demonstrations happening right now so yep we are definitely keeping ourselves safe and updated about the local news (social media updates on twitter ftw! I think they are even faster than the news media).

Anyway, I've just looked through my recent pictures especially those on Instagram and I realised that I have been dressing up in red lately. Totally feeling the Christmas festive! Plus I just love how shopping malls and even the supermarkets are playing the Christmas carols. I could just sing along all day...  So yep talking about red, I don't know why but lately I've taken a very big preference to the color. I mean, even for this bag that I'm carrying? It was the first thing that caught my eye when I was at MCulture the other day. I looove the color so much it's so bright and cheerful looking.. (and the size is perfect to bring for staycations). The funny thing about it when I was younger, the adults were always telling me how red suited my skin color but somehow or rather, I loathed it. (Sorry mummy!) To me red meant Chinese New Year and you know, I was still growing through those girly phase where I would very much prefer pink to red. #pinkanytimeeverytime

Also, you guys remember how I said I picked out a really nice top from a local designer's label named Kenji while I was at MCulture? This black mesh top was exactly the one. As an avid shopper myself, I have to tell you that no matter what mesh top or dress it is, you girls have to (and I mean must) try it on before getting it. Or get a feel of the inner seams at the very least. Some time ago I had this really bad experience with a mesh top that I bought it off a website. The inner seams were all prickly.. rough and scratchy that made me broke out into a rash. (It was just horrible)

To be honest I thought anything that has got to do with mesh came like this. Surprisingly this mesh top that I got from MCulture was nothing but comfortable. (the seams were soft!)  I really like how the cut outs and mesh details gave the top a very structural look (though I must say I was feeling a bit apprehensive about the little peek a boo details all around initially... ) but it looks so unique! Don't you think? If you would like to check out the rest of the collection (or even the bag that I'm carrying) you can find them at MCulture at Mandarin Gallery!

TOP   //  c/o MCULTURE
BAG    //  c/o MCULTURE

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  1. wow nice shoes and hair :)

  2. Perfect.

  3. Your tee is perfect... so unique!
    Love the entire outfit :)

  4. You look so amazing. Everything about this is perfect. I love the cutouts of the top and the red is definitely fiery and edgy!