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IN MANDARIN GALLERY   I think it can be a bit tricky when it comes to trying to find really unique labels while shopping in our little country. Why? Because most of our shopping malls here are almost identical.. the same shops.. the same boutiques... or that we are always traveling to Forever 21, H&M.. or even Bugis Street and Far East Plaza.  But you know, that's just it. The same locations alllll the time. It's basically impossible when you simply want to find something really special or exclusive.

I recently just discovered this new boutique called M Culture in Mandarin Gallery that has got some of the most unique labels and (almost unfindable) designers. You know, the closest that I ever got to knowing about our local designers was through fashion week where I haven't really had a chance to really see them up close. So let me tell you, it was such a different shopping experience. The pieces in MCulture are designed by local designers like Casey Gan, Kenji Ng and Michelle Ngo, where they also have labels such as Pretty Dangerous, Absolute Asia and so on. Most of the pieces bring such a contemporary look (and being inexpensive at the same time) makes it all the more incredible. Not just that, they are even bags, shoes, accessories tucked at every corner of the shop (even men's apparel too!). The best part? You can even get to have a tailored piece made by the local designers if the sizes do not fit at no extra cost. Now I'm blown away.

The concept of the boutique is all about a coalition of fashion, arts and aromatherapy where they all came together to reflect the artistic inspiration of M Culture. Perhaps the part where I was most amazed at is how you can easily spot the distinct flair among the designers. I had a great afternoon discovering all the awesome labels where the two designers whose creations I absolutely love was Cassey Gan and Kenji Ng's. Cassey Gan's collection has a very feminine silhouette that are empowering at the same time as reflected on her creative pairings of colors and prints. It's just like wearing an art piece. But perhaps my biggest crush among the labels in the boutique was Kenji's. Kenji's creations are all about minimalist, comfort and fit with some really creative details like mesh, lace and polka dots. (totally meeee) I have actually gotten a piece for myself and I already can't wait to show you guys the look! Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this introduction and visit of MCulture and if you are in town you should definitely drop by and check them out! You can definitely find some fashion pieces that are not usually found in our usual mall shops. x

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