Mink Pink

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Pictures by KJ
PYJAMAS PANTS  So ever since Christmas I think I've been caught by the flu bug. Honestly this is one of the worst times to get sick, isn't it? There's gatherings to go to, errands to run.. and lots of parties going on but I also have to get more rest under the covers. Every other couple of minutes I need to reach out for a tissue (yep am holding one in my hand right now too).. and maybe try to restrain myself from sneezing fifty times a day. Honestly this is pretty bad, especially with the sneezing part because I'll quickly get a headache soon after and I was just down with some mild fever the other night. Agh!! I've been alternating between Clarinese and that tiny yellow pill (chlorpheniramine) to help with my flu but so far I still need to have a box of tissues with me at allll times. I can only say this is what a time!

I've been trying to blog (because there's sooo many pictures KJ and I took together) but each time I reached home I just gave in to my bed. I was just super exhausted. Been feeling slightly better today so here I am! These pictures were taken some time last week where KJ and I went out to run some quick errands. Getting hooked onto what I call the pyjamas pants' trend yo. (Totally having a hipster moment here) Why? Because on my recent trip to Bangkok I saw these everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Shopping malls.. Night markets.. Street stalls... Boutiques.. But, I can understand why because seriously this is one of the best creation ever yet! You can sleep in it and maybe even go out shopping in it. (Okay maybe only for certain cut / fabric.. you really wouldn't want to head out in your PJs).

This gorgeous pair was Mink Pink from lovely girls at Eclecticism when I went by their event the other time! (you can read up all about it here) The moment I tried it on it was THE pair of pants that I needed to have. The cutting was perfect and I love the prints! It wasn't too loose around the hips or the thighs.. The amount of fabric was just right. Personally, I feel that this is what makes or break a look. (Tooo much and it'll become baggy pants instead) I actually like it so much that I went around looking for more of these in Bangkok. Unfortunately what I got were all too huge and they needed a trip down to the seamstress for alterations huhu. The thing about such pants is that I think they are just super great for travel. Especially when you're hopping onto a plane and you just want something comfy yet chic. I was seriously contemplating wearing it on my Bangkok flight but it had been new and I didn't that needed some washing first. If you girls are also looking for some pants like this or maybe just to discover some really interesting labels you can drop by Eclecticism (located at Wheelock's Place)!


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  1. Ugh, there's a flu bug going around my house too. Terrible timing. Anyway, your pants are so cute!


  2. very nice and perfect pants.