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Pictures by KJ
COLOR CONTRAST  Okay guys so with the sun peeking out a little bit it's time for a bit of colors! Well, the thing about Singapore is that you can never know when it's going to pour. The other day when I was out wearing some happy colours and suede shoes thinking that it's going to be a bright and sunny afternoon, it was pouring kittens like.. 30 minutes later. This is why I have never mastered the science when it comes to dressing up in our sunny island. KJ and I were frantically looking for an umbrella in the car praying that we have one that's hidden somewhere in a corner and thankfully we do (his car is just like the pocket of Doremon's). Now I really have to always remember to bring along a small umbrella and a light jacket with me now that it's the cooler periods in December.

While we were out to an event last week I went for something more casual where I played with colour blocking instead. Honestly this has to be my favourite pairing when it comes to colours. I think cobalt blue and yellow is such a fun match together, don't you think? The top I was wearing was actually a skirt worn from the back (now you know what to do with your skirts!!) But no, I mean if the cutting allows.. Personally I find that the ruffles from the elastic band at the back of the skirt works really nice as a top. (plus, the extra fabric covers any awkward VBL so hurray!!) If you have some skirts lying around in your wardrobe you should definitely try experimenting with them too.

KJ and I had these pictures taken along the shop-houses at Amoy Street and you have no idea how much I love shop-houses. The arches of the architecture.. the quirky colours on each individual unit.. some of them are totally vintage looking while the next unit can be full of modernistic elements. It's just like they are bursting with different personalities and with bits of our cultural heritage ingrained in it. Meanwhile, I hope you guys enjoy these pictures and have a great Thursday ahead! Lots of love x

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  1. Wow you look absolutely stunning! love the colours! It happened to me once in France, at summer time, suddenly out of nowhere it started to rain and I was soaked:)
    Will love if you'll join my giveaway:)

  2. I agree with you, cobalt blue and yellow look so great! And you look so beautiful, each picture is more beautiful than the previous, well done! I really love your style and the way you show it to us, your readers, with so beautiful pictures and locations! denisesplanet com

  3. Your cardigan is perfect :)