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WHAT REALLY MATTERS   Hello! It has been long.. or has it not? I have many thoughts brewing on my mind recently that I took some time-out from the blog over the weekend.  This page has always been an avenue for me to sort them out (there's always a thinking process when I write so yep, that helps) and there have been some issues that's burning on my chest.

You know, sometimes one would need to take a break on any journey to fully enjoy it; and to remind themselves of why they have started in the first place. For me, that's the time.

When I first started this blog, it meant to be a personal diary that's essentially just about me, a place to pen my daily thoughts and happenings, to let my friends know what had been going through my mind, or maybe even to pen down my grievances when my teachers reprimanded me for falling asleep in class. An avenue where one day, I can look back on at all the stupid things I once thought of (or who knows what I even did) when I was younger. And laugh at it. Or maybe reflect upon and cry a little.

It was meant strictly as a personal space for me, but of course like all things else, things change with time. My blog has changed from a personal diary to a beauty blog (when the local blogosphere got commercialised) and to a style diary today. But my original intent remains the same.

But as with time, no matter how hard I try to ignore, I realise (and concede that) competition is now part of the deal when we talk about blogs. It's no further than a sentence away from speaking about numbers. Likes. Readers. Followers. That it has all turned into one big numbers game.

Who is more influential? Who has more readers? Who has got more followers on Instagram? Who has more likes on their Facebook page? Who has got more sponsors? Or maybe even down to who's earning more from their blog. I mean, is this all serious? It's all one pretty wrapped logic game and I'd like to excuse myself.

But of course when you get to meet and know more blogger-friends, some turn into genuine friends whom you can talk to and share about your personal life with. However there will also be some that defines the word frienemies (friend-enemies). Now this starting to sound really childish, isn't it.

So you may be getting more likes, or followers.. or whatever. So what?

Okay perhaps that means you may be getting more sponsors, receiving more products or services, you can now as and when saunter into a salon and have your hair, nails, or even facial done courtesy of the sponsor. Then what's next?

You may have gotten more material wants and needs. Or maybe a self-esteem boost from all that numbers. Is that only what that matters? What about relationships?

Even though I have been on my blog for long, one would think that I'm skilled when it comes to social media. But to be really honest, sometimes I still feel that it's easy to get lost in this whole social-media numbers game.

At times like this I take a pit-stop. (What I call a social-media detox) I would rather spend time with my friends. Real friends who concerns and cares about what I'm up to. Friends whom I can see, touch, feel and have real conversations with. To me, I know it sounds absolutely cliche (but I still have to say it), it has never been about the quantity.

All that numbers game turns everything superficial. I just want to be real (and stay real), write real thoughts, meet real people and have real relationships. That's more important to me, and it is what that really matters.

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  1. I have these thoughts every once in a while. Sometimes when I am targeting a number and I reach it, I feel the same way. Now What? and why did I try so hard for this. Most days it is all about being real! Love these thoughts.

    Have a great day.

    ~ Seepz
    That Sassy Girl

    1. Yes that's exactly what I thought! Nowadays I find that numbers don't necessarily represent anything meaningful or really substantive as well.

  2. Don't worry! You should blog because of yourself want to blog, never blog because people want you to. I never have my fanpage on facebook, I don't have instagram for my blog. I never blog for number of followers and visitors. I blog because I want to; and blog lasts longer that way! I'd love to read more of your posts in the future :) x

    1. Wow no Instagram as well? I agree with you and you go girl!

  3. This blogpost really inspired me Jaslin! I have the same thoughts as you :)
    You're a honest person and I really like that! I would love to meet you one day and hopefully become friends hihi..

    1. That's really sweet of you! Of course it'd be great if we could meet one day, I often read your blog as well! x

  4. I totally agree with you! It has turned into a big competition and I don't really like that way. I always tell people, I visit the blogs I like once a week, I leave comments once a week, I post on my blog once a week. I think it's OK, cause we all have our lives and things to do, and for me, once a week is what works. Of course visiting blogs or commenting once a week leads to people thinking "ah, my other posts, she didn't come, so I won't go to hers". It's fine. I am not going to be a slave of the computer looking for numbers, like you said. It is really such a great post, Jaslin, I really can't tell you how much I liked it! denisesplanet com