Chasing my ambitions in 2014

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THE FIRST PAGE / 365   So, its the start of a new year! If I were to use a word to describe my year in 2013, the word busy fits it all perfectly. The year has just gone by soo fast. I guess time really waits for no man huh? All that I can remember was getting really busy with my studies day in and out while juggling time between my work and my blog. I'm so glad I'm still keeping my blog as a diary because I can always look back into my archives to find out how exactly has my year been. I mean, starting a blog in the first place when I was 14 (holy moly that's like 7 going 8 years ago) was probably still the best thing and the best decision I've ever made. Albeit sometimes it can also be a little embarrassing when I read back my archives because all that was going through my mind in the past was some really funny thoughts. But hey that's all part and parcel of growing up and maturing, right?

2013 marks the year I turned 21; the year I completed my Bachelor's degree in Marketing (it has been so tough where I was just burning the midnight oil almost every night of an entire month); It was also the year where I earned one of my biggest achievement that I have so much pride in - to be awarded the Best Fashion Blog title in Singapore Blog Awards 2013. Not in order to brag about it of course, but it had been such a defining pivotal point for myself. Blogging has been such an integral part of my life since young and I can't believe what I'll do without such a space to pen down my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. It has also brought me to places I've never been to, opened so much doors for me and I can't be more thankful every night for all the opportunities and support I've received from my loved ones. Going forward in 2014, KJ and I are going to work really hard together where we aspire produce even better quality content in hope of being able to inspire people through our images.

2014 is going to be a challenging (but nonetheless exciting) year for me as I'll be stepping out of my comfort zone into the working society and carve out my own career. I thought long and hard about what I should really do with my life, and I want to go after my dreams by starting and building my own network business through incorporating what I love about fashion and photography. I won't hide it to you and say that I'm not intimidated by this career direction that I want to pursue, and that I'm not worried about how it will all turn out eventually.. I am. It scares me and I know that it's going to be a really steep uphill starting out, but I'm going to stay motivated for all the challenges and be courageous to follow my heart and ambitions. I'm still working on this whole project and although I feel that this is still not the time for me to announce what it is yet, I promise it will definitely be revealed in weeks to come!

In this coming year I'm making sure that I'm going to stay focused, be happy, and to stay real to myself. To be honest I feel like I've been getting quite a bit of negative vibes lately and I just wish to cut all of them out and be able to develop into a better person of myself. I wish all of you a very happy new year ahead and 2014, I'm ever ready for you!!

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  1. Nice pics.

  2. I always like your pictures and the first one is like from a magazine, so beautiful and with a bag - like a great label campaign! You could be a model! I am amazed by the coincidence, that I also have my blog as a diary! And I also started it many years ago (I had another one)! In 2005! Congratulations for turning 21 this year and for having gotten your degree in Marketing! It's a huge achievement, really! I hope you have a fantastic new year, I am sure it will be so! denisesplanet com

  3. Hi Jaslin! Im your new reader and i'm loving your blog. Keep blogging :D xx

  4. Where is your top from? :)