Chilly Nights

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Photography by KJ
WHEN NIGHT FALLS  One thing that I love to do is to snuggle up in layers of clothes when I'm heading out at night. The weather has been so cooling (which is pretty hard to come by since we're still talking about sunny Singapore after all..) and I'm just fully exploiting this opportunity to wear all my coats. Wear all of them!!! This trench coat is actually a gift from KJ's cousin (thank you ting!), and one thing I can never ever evarrrr reject is trench coats. I don't know why, but perhaps it's also partly due to how coats and jackets are not really wearable at all throughout the year. You guys know the feeling of how the more you can't really do something, the even more you wanna do it kind of reasoning?

Well, the same goes for my knee high socks. If there's one thing I'd like to grumble about my mum, it'd be how she always told me I have big calves from my dance background ever since young (thanks mummy..) and how I should avoid wearing items like knee high socks and booties. Personally, I don't necessarily think that there is a rule to style and fashion. Instead, I feel that it's all about making clever matches and knowing how to play with different elements to better suit our body frames. For example, even the height of the socks matters! This pair that I'm wearing is actually thigh-high compression socks, but I'm wearing it around my knees to give an illusion of slimmer looking thighs, paired with black boots to elongate the look.

To be honest, just regular socks would be good. I'm not too sure if it would be advisable to wear thigh-high compression socks around the knees because technically, they are supposed to be applying different amount of pressure targeted at different areas of the legs (i.e. thighs, knees, and ankles). I didn't had any regular ones in my wardrobe so these were my quick substitute. (Plus, I wasn't wearing them for long so I think it should be okay..) But speaking of them, they are realllly good on tired legs! I have this pair of Scholl's compression socks that I always wear to sleep and live by especially on days when I have to be standing or walking for long hours. It was also my secret to surviving all the trekking activities we did in NTAustralia and all that shopping marathon in Bangkok. This is why I really do think all ladies should invest in a good pair of compression socks.

All things aside, I hope you guys like these pictures that KJ and I took together at night! More than often we would prefer to do our shootings in the afternoon because that's when the sun is up and it's easier with the lightings. Shooting at night is definitely one notch harder with more considerations.. but we're learning more with practice and I really hope you guys enjoy these. Have a wonderful Wednesday ahead as well!

TRENCH COAT   //   KISSJANE (gift from friend)

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