Friday, January 17, 2014


Photography by KJ
LAST MINUTE FLIGHT INTO TAIWAN  The whole of last weekend has been pretty insane for me. One moment I was just stepping out of a nail salon, and the very next moment KJ's mum asked if I would like to fly into Taiwan that very night on a business conference trip together with KJ and his dad. I was super duper elated!! But you know, chances and opportunities like this honestly doesn't happen very often and I was just stumped. That kind of quickly ensued a mad rush back at home while I only had about 45 minutes to pack for my trip (usually I could take hours just to pack my luggage.. what kind of clothes to bring.. to check if I've brought along the toothpaste..) and before I even knew it, I was already on a cab en-route for the airport. We were all headed to a business conference and seminar event in Kaohsiung Taiwan and our schedule were just fully packed back-to-back. (Will be talking more about it in my upcoming posts!)

Albeit a little busy for us throughout the trip, Taiwan has been awesome! It's my third time in Taiwan and to be it feels good to be able to speak and practise reading mandarin. Though I've took up Higher Chinese in the past.. I haven't been practising my Chinese language ever since secondary school. (That's almost like half a decade's time) I was just trying to read and guess in between all the little Chinese characters everywhere and KJ was just constantly poking fun asking if I returned all my education to my teachers. But hey that always happens..right?! (It's exactly like what happens with geography and a-maths, it's all returned to the our teachers.)

Anyway, its the winter season in Taiwan so it was just super cold over there especially in the mornings! I'll always remember how I literally froze to the ground back in NT Australia when temperatures was around 10°C so I made sure I brought ALLLL my winterwear with me on the trip. There I am.. all wrapped up like some layered cheesecake on most days (while I'm feeling stupid because despite the layers I still feel like some frozen popsicle) while some of my superhero friends could really just stroll around the streets in nothing more than just a fleece jacket and shorts. Yes, shorts. Can you believe it?? So I've also decided to get myself a proper coat from Taiwan. It just reminds me of how poorly prepared I am for the cold weather again. (It's ok I think this can definitely improve with practice hehe) Usually on most days I'll be wearing a turtle-neck because one thing about the cold wind is how they always blow at the back of my neck.. As we were due to return to Singapore on the last day I had them switched out for a tee-shirt. KJ and I shot these pictures before we quickly ran back indoors ha! (THAT must have really been quite a sight) Anyway, now that we are back in Singapore it feels really good and there's lots of catch up! Have a great Friday everyone!



  1. You just had a few minutes to pack, and travelling in the winter, it's not easy! But you have a great sense of style and you look amazing in your red coat - I think I have already said, many times, that red is my favorite color! I agree with you, I know many friends who has French or German at school and now they can't remember more than a simple Bon Jour, so you being able to read and speak the language was again amazing, well done! Wish I could! denisesplanet com

  2. Its too cold in Delhi too, layering is the best option for us too. I love yr coat, and I want similar hat, been looking for it for so long !

  3. Such a lovely outfit and I love your red coat :)