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GRAPHIC BLOUSE  Now this week is going to be a super busy and an eventful one ahead! I'm starting this year with lots of personal activities lined up, and the very first big project on my to-do list is to re-paint my room. Sounds like an easy task yes, but nooo there's so many many many minute details. For now I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around the furniture and all.. but firstly, I shall make a trip out to get some paint charts and samples. Hopefully with all the plans in mind I can finish it all in time for Chinese New Year. Holy cat its approaching mega fast (now I only have less than three weeks to go on my schedule..). You know, I'm a worry-wart at heart and I'm already feeling a little bit stressed out.

All plans apart, I finally caught up with my roomie Christina from Travelgraphy for a catch-up session ever since our Aussie trip yesterday! We haven't heard from each other ever since our trip in August and it was just really nice to meet up again and catch up with each other. Now, personally I think it's really important to make it a point and set a date for a "meet up soon" with friends, because more than often I realised that it's always left at that and the day never comes by. (Guilty as charged whoops)

Since it was going to be a pretty casual day out, I wore this graphic print blouse that was kindly sent to me again from the lovely team at Glamouz. If you still remember, I previously mentioned about how I really love the apparels from Glamouz because their collection are really trendy and so different from the usual selections that I always see online. This blouse looked even prettier when it came through the mail! The design is just exquisite with some very gorgeous graphic details that ran down the shirt and across the shoulders. The lines and prints that ran down down the buttons were also symmetrical and personally, this is one of the factors that my mother has always taught me to differentiate for a quality apparel. I love it so much that this is already the second time I'm wearing it this month! As the weather has been slightly cooler lately I wanted to pair it off with some leggings and leather boots to combat the chill. I hope you girls like this look and have a great week ahead!

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