Mid-week blues

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Photography by KJ
WHAT A WEDNESDAY And one that was filled with ups and lows. KJ and I actually started out this morning great! We headed out early in the morning today for a mini fishing and meet-up session with his bunch of friends. Apart from the bit of a sunburn on my arm (that's what cloudy days do to me. I always get baked under the sun unknowingly huhu..) I still enjoyed our day out where we spent our noon chit-chatting among each other. The upsetting bit came around at night when KJ realised that he had lost his wallet. For good. You know, usually when both of us misplace our things we'll just assume that we have left it either in the car, or perhaps at each other's place since we are always travelling to and fro. But this time round it was just nowhere to be found. To be honest, it wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't too much cash with it.. only that the thing is KJ carried almost all of his savings in his wallet (in cash) and it was just so.. devastating. We're just going to keep our fingers crossed that perhaps someone who picked it up would be ever so kind enough to return it through the address on the identification card.

Okay so let's have a change of topic and talk about happy thoughts! By the time you guys are reading this I will most probably be out running to events all over town. I'll be hopping over to Furla's Spring Summer 2014 "Up in the Sky" collection press launch by noon (the event sounds so exciting already) and to Le Grand | Z Wedding Couture Runway show by night! (Yes yes I think you can also definitely foresee me to be typing away on my little phone non stop.. I'll be doing all my on-the-go updates on my Instagram account (here))  Meanwhile, here's a very casual coordinate that I wore on a couple of weeks back with some cropped top and a black skirt for a spontaneous day out! x


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