Ocean Nails

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OCEAN ON MY NAILS  Been busy these few days staying in at home smudging my hands and knees full of paint smears as the whole family is repainting the house! I painted my room up in not one, nor two, but three different colours! I like to think that I have an incredibly colourful personality.. (hur hur hur okay give me some credit.) But that's also true, I love colors.. contrast.. and stripes! I need to stop. I could go on forever because my mind is just full of these paint-related matters..

Thing is, I haven't done my nails in ages! The last I remembered myself painting my nails was at my brother's ROM session last year.. and a manicure done at a salon was even way back in secondary school (that's about 6 whole years)! I always had the impression that manicures are super expensive (I vividly remember paying about $30 plus for a classic manicure in the past. Holy moly. I think I must have been duped as a little kid..) So all the while I just relied on myself to do the job with some very funnily painted nails on my right fingers. Well,... that's because I can never draw anything well with my left's.

I finally went for this particular design that I spotted at a corner of the magazine where Valerie just did a perfect replica on my nails that I luuurve it so much! I have to tell you that she's one of the most meticulous perfectionist which I've come across (and I really appreciate especially now we're talking about nail art)! What I really love is the little water droplets / bubbles effect which she did for me. I find it so incredibly unique! It just reminds me of the sea and the beach together with the little seashells, diamante, and pearls.

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  1. I like that sparkling details.


  2. Wow, I loved the design of the nails! And just like you, I never had and don't intend to, any gelish manicure, so I don't know what they are for the nails, good or bad... I loved the sandals on the sand! Beautiful! denisesplanet com

  3. very nice pics darling :)