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OXFORD TAILOR Happy New Year to everyone! As you can see, today's entry is a little more special than usual where we are going to talk about menswear (KJ and I also switched places behind the camera!). On our trip to Bangkok a few weeks ago, the guys actually got themselves a couple of tailored shirts - something which I always heard is one of the must-dos for guys heading to Bangkok - and I must say it was really quite an eye-opening experience. To be honest, we weren't even exactly sure if we should really go ahead and find a tailor because firstly, 1) there are so many news about tailor scams in Bangkok; 2 )we heard of friends who did but got tailored shirts that were of really poor quality; and 3) we didn't knew who or much less where to find a good tailors.

We were actually headed to the Amari Watergate area initially to look for tailors until KJ's friend Scott, who's a local in Bangkok recommended The Oxford Tailor (located at Rajprarop Road) to us instead. I haven't been to other tailors in Bangkok (this is a first) - so you know, I can't really tell on a relative scale how good or whether they had a better variety of fabrics. But one thing I can say is that I was pretty sure we were in good hands. There was books and books and booooks of men's magazines for inspirations and let me tell you, I didn't even knew there were so many details that went into a making of a shirt! (Trimmings.. types of cuffs.. collars.. buttons.. inner linings...) Come to think about it, it's must have been quite a sight because we were just going "I want this collar on this shirt".. "that double-button design from that shirt".. and maybe "this type of trimmings for the cuff".. oh my god there's too many things!!! You know the feeling where you have too many choices that you don't even know what to choose anymore? Yep that was just exactly what we felt. I mean, whatever we could possibly think of, it could be done. We spoke to the owner David, who guided us along and he was just so much of a big help to us. He had a very good eye on what to recommend, such as the pairings of all the different elements and cuts that suited different body frames. 

Regarding the price, it depends on the types and quality of fabric where the price ranges accordingly. So basically if you are making a two piece set or a three piece suit there's also going to be different price packages. KJ had two shirts tailored at 900-baht each (that's around SGD32) and there was a very good range of fabrics to choose from. Personally I think that if you are thinking of tailoring shirts in Bangkok, it's best to arrange it on the first few days of your visit. We made two trips down to the tailor - first was when we did all the conceptualization of the shirt and measurements, where we returned on a second visit the next day for fittings. It took us about another 2 more days before the shirts were delivered to our hotel after the second round of tailoring (that's what the fittings will be for). Something else that's really special is I like how the measurements would be kept by them so basically next time KJ can just get his purchases online.

The one he's wearing today is the one we pieced together for casual wear. We kept the design simpler with double collars and I loove the initials done on the cuffs! What do you think of it? The workmanship of the shirts were also really good and both of us are more than happy to recommend The Oxford Tailor (website) if you're thinking of getting some tailored shirts in Bangkok as well.

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  1. wow very nice :) and Happy New Year darling! :)


  2. That is an awesome shirt! Tailored is the way of the future. Happy New Year girl xo

  3. The man looks pretty handsome in the tailored blue shirt. Seems like he likes blue color very much.

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