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THE NAIL SHOPPE   Hi daisies! It's getting pretty late right now and I thought I'd like to do a quick little update before I head to bed. Ahh surprisingly tonight I'm just feeling pretty calm and very relaxed right now. Am giving myself a little break over these two days before I charge full ahead next month with my Amway business (very very excited about going all out on it) and of course with also lots of other things I've planned! I've gotten more support than I expected from my previous entry and to be really honest I can't thank all of you enough for that. I was still having mixed feelings about publishing that entry initially, but I'm so glad that I did. I can't even imagine packed how my schedule is going to be like next month.. but I'm sure it's gonna be such a fulfilling one!

Before I do that, I'm doing my best to finish up all the loose ends on matters I've procrastinated so far within these two days. (Ugh, bad habit) So earlier on today I also went over to The Nail Shoppe and had my nails finally done up. It's been long since I last done them and my nails were seriously in need of some care.. I did a horrible horrible job at removing the gelish myself (what was I thinking?) and I ended up with damaged nails huhu.. But I'm so glad Valerie and Amy saved my nails. I went for black gelish nails with some arcylic extensions done this time round with a touch of a geometric prints on my fingers.

Valerie did all the nail art for me and I can't even emphasise enough how meticulous she is with the details. There were about... 4 different colors all together on one tiny nail (I can't even accomplish 2 alone by myself..) and the end result is just incredibly gorgeous. The final look is something very chic, classy and I felt that it's such a timeless look. You'll probably wouldn't believe how much time I've spent staring at them. Super loving it!! 


Good news is that The Nail Shoppe will be opening their second outlet (located at the BreadTalk building @ Tai Seng) early next month!! I can't wait to see how it's going to be like. Earlier on today Camie had also shared with me that they'll now be incorporating spa elements into their services to pamper our feet for cracked heels rough skin.. and basically almost everything you can think off. I saw that they've just brought in a new set of footcare products from Footlogix which I've heard is very very good - it's one of the best and what's even better is that it's the only line of footcare products out there that's suitable for pregnant mummies and diabetics sufferers.

For more pictures of The Nail Shoppe you can find them all in a picture album on my Facebook page (here) along with the price list details (click)! Their manicure and pedicure services are very affordable and inexpensive (even as I compare to other retail / home-based nail salons), where atop of that, Camie is also going to let you girls enjoy another 20% off when you just mention them about me yay// 

Therefore it's going to be about $20, $26 and $36 for Classic, French and Gelish manicures respectively after a 20% off. They also have price packages too! You can read up all about it in my previous article (here).



Facebook               :
Located at              : Blk 34 Whampoa West #01-33
Contact Number     : +65 9450 6613 

[Remember to mention my name to enjoy a 20% off all normal prices at The Nail Shoppe!]

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  1. Peeerfect pics and you look great.

  2. I am definitely going to visit them soon!!! <3

    1. Yes let me know when if you're going!! I can go down with you too! <3

  3. OMJ, your nail design looks perfect!
    Would love to get an amazing design like that :)

  4. Hehe thank you Nguyen! You can show this design to your manicurist!