Post-Cny blues

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Pictures by KJ
THE GOOD TIMES  So, the whole 15-days Chinese New Year period is going to be over! In fact, tomorrow's going to be the last day and I'm going to miss all the house visitings.. and how everyone in almost every house that I visited gathered around the dining tables not to eat, but have a couple rounds of blackjack!! It's THE time of the year where games like blackjacks, poker, and all the rounds of mahjong seems totally normal. And that's so fun!! Personally I'm getting the most kick out of my friends' super funny and exaggerated expressions when they drew the cards. Or when they get busted at the game hehehe. How about you? I hope everyone of you is having an awesome time with all your family and friends over the last two weeks!

On most days it's going close to midnight by the time I reach home and all that I can really really really get myself to do is to take a shower before I fall into a fluffy land with fluffy pillows. Couldn't resist it! So now is the perfect time to slow down the pace, catch up all the updates over here and maybe hit the tracks for a couple of extra runs for all the yummy snacks and goodies that I've been gobbling up over the last two weeks..

Apart from gatherings and house visiting I have also been getting very busy getting a jump-start to building my very own career. I've been speaking to a couple of people, getting really inspired, and I've also been doing a lot of learning lately so this is also something that I've been wanting to share with you guys for quite a while now. I know I haven't announced anything officially on my blog so far.. that's because there have been a couple of changes and it took me some time before I finally managed to figure everything out. Definitely quite stressful in the beginning, but I'm also very very excited about it now. Will be making some additions and minor tweaks to my blog's layout over the next few days and I can't wait to spill everything about what I've been doing. There's also going to be lots of updates over the next few days since I've taken a short hiatus over CNY so now it's back to blogging!!!

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