The Beginning of being an Entreprenuer

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THE WHOLE STORY Ok so, here we go! There's going to be no more changes, no turning back, just taking full responsibility and a 101% commitment. I am finally revealing to you guys for the very first time about this whole new career that I've been getting so busy about lately. A career that I'm personally very excited about, one that I'm striving hard for myself. There had been so many changes all along the way.. with me been thinking about it for the longest while.. constantly contemplating when would be the correct time to finally talk about it. And today, I feel like I'm ready to do so. That is, I'm going to carve my own career and business in network marketing with Amway as an distributor.

I know that decision might leave some of you surprised, curious.. or even astounded.. so I want to lend this opportunity to also explain a little bit of the why or how come questions that many of you had.

The thing is, ever since I completed my Bachelor's program I've thought long and hard about what I should do. Or what would I like to do or pursue in my career. From the deepest of my heart, I've long knew that a desk job was not for me. I always like to be on the go, I enjoy blogging.. and the idea of waking to an alarm clock everyday and being bound to a desk from 9 to 6 didn't sound too exciting. I mean, on a scale of 0 to 10 that probably falls at 0.0. Holding a desk job essentially means that I will also have to give up a large part of my time (no more fashion blogging everyday...imagine that!), where I will be just like another tired individual catching the train back at 6 everyday.

I often dream of travelling around the world, but how far would my degree be able to bring me to? I feel that I'll be tying myself down if I were to get a desk job.. or who knows I might even be too tired at the end of the day to chase after any dreams any more. The thought of being stuck in a corporate rat race terrifies me. And while I'm thinking about it, fresh graduates in my area of study are also a dime a dozen out there. How is my certification different to any of their's?

Well, the funny thing is that building my own Amway business has never really occurred to me. It also neither an easy nor an immediate one. Although I've heard about how good their products were, I didn't knew anything about the company until some time last year when KJ's parents started their business. But you know, like many others I also had my fair share of misconceptions and impressions when I first heard that Amway is a direct selling company. I mean, you guys will too, right? I didn't want to have anything to do with it, and I'm going to admit that I was just being skeptical.

However KJ was keen to give it his second try (and I really just wanted to be a supportive girlfriend) so I tried to open my mind a little wider by learning more about their products.. where I also started some research on my own about the company. My lecturers are always tells us to take nothing at face value so I guess that kinda got ingrained hehe (but ok that's not the main point).

Point is, that I took a really long time (almost eight months) before I really saw through and understood the whole Amway business. How would it work for me, and would it be a business that I have 400% of confidence in? My trip to Taiwan last month saw us attending Amway's international conference in Kaohsiung. On this trip I got to know so many awesome peeps all over Asia from Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and Taiwan.., and I never knew that so many people my age have already achieved so much in their career with Amway. (It really felt more like a school excursion if you ask me..)

That really inspires me where I started to see the potential and an entrepreneurial opportunity that is worth all of my time and effort. While I wouldn't say this is any ordinary career path, I feel that it is one that really enables me see that I'm constantly inching closer achieving my dreams. But of course, dedication and effort is so so so important.

I realise that a lot of people don't understand it well (like I did), and so I also hope that in time to come I'll be able to reach out to more of my friends, family, relatives or even readers like you, to understand it and see the same potential that I saw. There's always a quote that says "if dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough". I honestly think that mine is pretty humongous... hehe. But oh well, just like how Kanye West sings to "reach for the stars so if you fall, you land on a cloud". I'm determined to achieve my goals so wish me all the best! x

See you at the top!

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  1. Hi,

    You're a amway distributor. I'm keen in getting their deodorant for a try.
    May i know how should i proceed? Thanks

    1. Hihi! Sure but I'll need your contact! Perhaps could you drop me an email through the mailbox on my side >> or text me at +65 8388 0665? Thanks!

  2. Hey Jaslin,
    I use Amway products in India and love them..ALl the best for your plans!
    Let's talk about everything

    1. Omg really?! That's awesome to know. Thanks Neha!!

  3. You look great. xa

  4. Whoa Jaslin,

    That. Is. A.Major. Leap of faith. But I am so proud of you, like really. You echoed my thoughts exactly and unfortunately I did not have your guts when I first graduated so I am not stuck at a desk job but perhaps one fine day I would be able to join your journey and maybe see you at the top as well.

    I really wish you all the best in your journeys as you have been a very motivational person all this while, been following you for like, a year and I have seen the changes in you, whether minor or major changes but these is what shaped you and make you who you are today.

    I believe that you will succeed in this field given your awesome personality and determination, not to mention you and KJ are both supportive of each other and be each other's pillars when one needs a support.

    I hope to hear even greater and better things from you <3


    1. Omg mish, that's super sweet of you! I really really feel incredibly touched.. thank you! I never knew I was all that you have mentioned, but knowing it makes me really happy (and it humbles me to know). Go for your dreams too as well mish! I know you can do it too! ♡

  5. Love the last line of this post! And I am sure you ll do great..

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!