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Pictures by KJ
AMWAY-ZING NIGHT  Hello lovelies! Oh my god, has it really been 4 days since I last blogged? Time really really flies. I've been busy running for appointments almost every day after work this week where I'm also trying to change my body clock for the better by making sure that I'm in bed by 12.. Not a bad change I'd say! I used to sleep really late at night in the past (4am, 5a.m..) alll the way till afternoon before my day starts officially hehe. But now I realise that there's so much more time on my hands if I were to wake up earlier. So that's exactly what I have been doing over the past week. Though the only flip-side is that I'm always getting caught in the super heavy morning traffic.. That's just horrrrrrible. 

That aside, today I wanted to share with you guys the Amway Recognition Seminar that KJ and I attended together with his parents and our group of friends last month held at Suntec. Haven't been into this area for the longest of time (mainly because it's always hard to navigate around here) and it doesn't helps that it gets even more complicated with all the upgrading and renovation works around. Everything has changed so much! The event was at the convention hall where it was held in celebration of the new diamond leaders's recognition in Singapore. KJ and I went had also along to lend our support for his parents because they were also going to receive their recognition pin award! Feeling so incredibly happy for their achievements and the hype at the event was just incredible. It had a little Romanian theme to the whole event and you guys can totally see it from the pictures!

I wore this new top that I got from Bangkok (yes yes it's Bangkok again, it's shopping paradise!!) and I really love the panel of lines that ran down the front of the top. Feels very much like I'm wearing a little piece of an abstract art on myself.. Had a pair of high-waist jeans to go with it and and also some strappy heels for a casual look that night and I hope you guys like the look! Meanwhile, I'm going to prepare to head to bed for an early Monday tomorrow, so goodnight lovelies and have a super awesome week ahead!! Lots of loves.

And these are the bunch of friends who have been giving me so much support and inspiration in one way or another. They are filled with so much positivity and drive that I can't count my blessings enough for being introduced to this environment that have shaped me so much during the past few months. Cheers to each and everyone of you! 



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