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Pictures by KJ
END OF THE WEEK  Hello guys! First of all let me wish you guys a Happy Saturday! Because every Saturdays should be celebrated. I call it THE day of the week! It has been a busy week as usual.. feeling a little flustered because time seems to fly by and somehow amid all that, I feel like I've grown to appreciate Saturdays because I could sleep in a little bit more. My precious precious sleep..

Ok let me hijack this a little bit because I think I needed to write about it. I don't know why, but it's kind of funny because just a couple of days ago when I met up with my friends over dinner, we were discussing on the topic of sleep. Among the four of us, 2 of us were still schooling while the other 2 of us had already started working. (Well, I belong to the latter now). So we found out that we actually had very different attitudes! Why? Because life's like that.. (hur hur hur ok I was kidding please be nice).

The thing is, my friends who were still schooling were always staying up to study late into the middle of the night before waking 3 to 4 hours later again for school (yes this is what university does to you, I can certainly attest to that). Studies over sleep. On the other hand, sleep has somehow became a priority for my friend and myself where we were both working. Sleep over every-other-thing.... Ever since secondary school, through my polytechnic and university studies, I'm usually surviving okay on as little as 3 to 4 hours of sleep. Let's just say I'm pretty fond of burning the midnight oil.. Then as I started work since the beginning of this month, I realised that I cannot, let me repeat, cannot survive the very next day if I get less than 8 hours of sleep. Shucks, is this what work does to you?! My friend and I were totally agreeable about it. I'll feel tired.. sleepy and very much zombified. You get what I mean? It's like you can take a train or a bus and you can totally fall asleep standing up. #masterylevel101  Bet you guys are pretty familiar about it too.

Ok that aside, look what I found lying around in my computer today! These were taken in January when KJ and I attended the Le Grand & Z Wedding's couture runway that's held at Chijmes. This place is just incredibly beautiful! It looks like a castle afar and you girls might know that I always have a huge crush for European architectures.. Oh my god I'm in looovee with this place. And it just turns even more incredible by night time, with music overflowing from the little bistros and restaurants lined up nearby.. very romantic if you ask me. So now you guys know where to bring your date out to, in case you're wondering!!


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  1. You have wonderful taste in clothes, that dress is so elegant and feminine. Those photographs are wonderful, you are such a pretty girl!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  2. You look lovely Jaslin!
    Such a pretty dress :)
    Happy saturday to you too ;)