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SUN, SAND, SEA  As you guys are reading this, KJ and I are probably on our way to the airport to catch our flight out to Kalibo and going through a couple land transfers before we finally get to Boracay island with a bunch of his cousins and relatives! So so excited about it and since it's going to be 6 of us we're all calling it a triple date beach getaway. It has been a tough month so it feels really relaxing to just drop our things on hand for a week at the beach.

Right now it's almost 6am as I write (please pardon any weird sounding sentences as I might not be thinking straight..) and I'm only just about done with my luggage. Mad packing frenzyyyy. I guess the only downside to travelling is the number of things you have to remember to pack.. travel adapter (still can't find it) and all that electric gadgets and apparels I'm stuffing into my luggage praying that I don't exceed my baggage weight. Phew. Oh and that aside,  I've also done up my hair a couple of days ago all ready for some beach action! Still trying to get used to my really light colored hair, but I really dig the caramel brown gradients that runs down from my roots to a shade of blonde. Definitely one of my biggest change to my hair color so far (with more to come, of course hehe) and I'll blog all about it when I'm back!

I'm also hoping that we could get some internet connection asap while we're over in Boracay so if you would like, you could also follow my updates on my instagram account (@justjaslin)! I've scheduled another post coming right up during this time that I'm away so fret not, this blog is still my baby and I could never possibly neglect it. Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!! Lots of lovees.

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  1. Sounds really great, hope you will have an amazing time there:) Lovely snapshot as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

  2. I are most likely on our route to the landing strip to get our flight out to and experiencing a couple area exchanges before we at last get to and with a cluster of his model portfolio cousins and relatives! It has been an extreme month so it feels truly unwinding to simply drop our things close by for a week at the sunny shore.