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Advertorial   //   Pictures by KJ
A NEW DISCOVERY  It's been hell of a week!!! Holy moley, I think I've never been more busy than ever. Now what's up for me over the last week? I just sort of disappeared from social media for a couple of days (but don't worry I'm still stalking everyone quietly with my phone on the go). The main reason why I had been so occupied is that KJ and I had a very special visit from Doris, one of our Amway upline leader who specially came down alll the way from Malaysia just to guide and advise us. (Thank you Doris!!) She had shared with us so much of her knowledge and I feel really really thankful to have someone like her who's so sincere in guiding us. It's like getting a motivation booster jab!

Other than running about for appointments late into the night, I've been trying to stay indoors as much as possible. If you would ask me, I'll say March hasn't been the best month so far. Our sunny island is clouded by haze and the acrid smell of smoke is just everywhere. And I mean, everyyyyywhere. It just kind of hits you when you get off a bus; step outdoors; and every time I'll imagine all the tiny minuscule pm2.5 contaminants getting trapped in my lungs as I take each breath.. (hahaha I know that's exaggerating) But really, it's such a potential health hazard and sometimes it just bothers me when my friends or others just brush the matter off their shoulders. I'm like, why!!!! And then there's the recent dry spell going on which lasted for 27 days.. No rain. On our tropical island. (It should be raining once every few days!!) It's kinda sad you know, when I see plants wilting and grass everywhere had all turned into a sea of brown. The 32°C heat seems very much like 42°C instead..Oh my god keelll meee. Thankfully it has just started to rain recently and... it's raining kittens and puppies everyday. Not that I'm complaining of course, hehe. Ok so that's the end of the weather report on JustJaslin. (Haven't been blogging for awhile and I have sooo much to talk about, so please excuse me)

Instead, today I want to introduce to you girls EZRA, one of the latest brand exclusive on Zalora! This color block tee is one of their collections and I just looove its woven textured design. Personally I find that it's such a fresh take as compared to our usual cotton or chiffon tops.. Who knows that materials itself can also give an entirely interesting vibe to a look? I've been wearing it on many occasions lately and here's one which we taken two weeks ago while we had a birthday celebration over at KJ's house! Not a usual fan of tights and trousers given the unforgiving weather.. but I just had to pair this with it. I hope you girls like the look and if you'll like to find out more about EZRA you can check out Zalora Singapore! It's always such a treat to discover new labels.


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  1. You look freaking stunning Jaslin! <3
    Totally love the way you combined every piece together :)
    Your eye makeup looks pretty here ;)

  2. you look gorgeous! I love this whole outfit, it looks so pretty on you! and I am in love with your shoes <33