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FIRST WEEK OF MARCH  Been swamped up with work lately!! First of all, I just took up another part time job as an understudy for my financial mentor. Now... how did I even get myself into the financial sector too? But I'm really feeling very blessed because apart from offering me a part-time job, my mentor was also more than happy to guide me under his reins whilst providing me all the flexible hours that I needed to pursue my Amway career. Though I definitely have more on my plate now (I'm getting as little sleep as 6 hours a day..), I honestly still feel sooo lucky to have the opportunity to be coached and guided by so many wonderful people along the way. I'm just like a little sponge... absorbing lots of new information, knowledge and skills every other day.

Okay let's not talk about work! That's what I have been so busy with lately that I kinda miss blogging. Here's a little outfit that I wore out to attend a meeting some time last week. Had mixed and matched some of my current wardrobe pieces and voila!! A completely new coordinate again. (This is why styling is so fun!) I paired my printed blouse to various black pieces in my outfit like my bag and a laced blazer for a kinda laidback, smart casual kind of vibe for long afternoon out. It feels like I haven't been wearing so much black on myself in a while.. Where has my black syndrome went to? Ok ok jokes I'm kidding about it hehe.

Oh and not forget about the make up! I had spent quite a fair bit of time figuring it out in front of my mirror that morning.. (So that deserves some special mentioning). During my week-end free time I have been experimenting a little with new make up styles from Youtube (am still working to improve on my make up skills..) and hey..., now I realised it's actually quite fun! You see, I just discovered this whole magic of eye-shadows recently where they can help to achieve different looks so easily with the clever use of shades and colors.. What have I been missing out on?? All I was using in the past for my daily make was just eye liners. Ok now that sounds super amateurish in comparison. #facepalm  Welcome to make-up Level 1.. But it's okay, I believe these will get better with practice!!

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  1. The print of your shirt is so gorgeous! I really love how you styled this outfit.


  2. Lovely outfit!

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    XoXo Venoma