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Pictures by KJ
It's TGIF!!!  But sometime around last week, KJ and I attended an Amway leadership seminar at Novotel where the new Diamond leaders in Singapore (well, the word Diamond is like a word that's assigned to a certain level of attainment and achievement in Amway) shared their experiences and journey in the business. Which I say is a very motivating. Some times I often get questions from my friends as to why I'd even take time out to attend such seminars.. well the thing is.. Why not? 

But I admit that's a very good question. That's because I was asking myself the exact same question when I tagged along to seminars or meetings initially (remembered how I said I took eight months?) Yep. During that period of time, I don't even understand or know how the marketing plan works out.. and I just felt like I couldn't relate to their achievements. Perhaps an analogy would be like.. I haven't learnt walking and you're sharing with me how nice it is to fly. (Of course not literally, haha!) But my point is somewhere along that line, you know what I'm trying to say? To be really honest I felt like I'm getting nothing out of these meetings. Now tell me why should I take time out for these?

It was only when I pushed myself to attend more seminars that I slowly saw the picture. It's just that different speakers have their unique of way of bringing their experience across. Take climbing a mountain for example. Some shares with others about the breath-taking view they saw from the top in hope to motivate others with a vision, while some others may share about their experience and tips on getting there. Personally I'm definitely preferring more to the latter hehe.

Having made a decision to be in a direct selling line, I know that there's bound to be rejections or even hard knocks along the way. The first few steps are bound to be challenging.. so right now I look to these seminars as a way for me to gain more knowledge and perspective from others' experience in the same business. All of us have the same tools on hand - the same marketing plan, the same products, but why is it that some people can really succeed in the business while many stayed stagnant or even gave up eventually? Ah okay I side tracked a little.. (you see, there's so many stuff just going up in my mind..)

That being said, attending talks is not all just about that alone. What I really enjoy listening to is the topics on self improvement that's often being shared. This is what I really like as one of the core values in Amway. It's not all about selling actually. (But unfortunately many people still see it as that..) For me, I can't be more happy that I got exposed to this environment because I feel like I'm growing up. I'm making changes to my bad habits (no more sleeping late.. making sure that I'm no longer procrastinating and finishing things up before I sleep.. ) and I've never been so goal driven before. (Trust me when I say that.. because I've even listed down my short, mid and long term goals on paper haha!) I find that the thing that's so magical about goal setting is that once I've listed them on paper, I feel that my life is so much more exciting. I wake up everyday feeling incredibly excited about getting things done.. and I get a sense of accomplishment whenever I see myself achieving daily milestones.

Ahh, sometimes I wonder if is this a phase as we transition from adolescence to adulthood in the working society? If this is, this has to be one of the best that I can ever ask for. Looking back to two months ago.. hur hur. Now that's an entirely different story..

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