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A HAIR MAKEOVER  And a little informal update today to start the week! There's been so much going on that I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to. Apart from running for meetings and appointments, I made a trip down to Shunji Matsuo @ 313 on Wednesday for a little change to my hair. How did you guys find it!! I've post quite a lot of pictures on my Instagram feed lately (it's not an everyday affair that I wake up trying to recognize myself after all) and honestly it was also pretty fun when my friends or relatives don't quite recognize me, haha!

The original plan was to go purple and maybe a short trim for my hair, but I walked out of the salon with a completely different look. (But of course I'm not ditching the purple idea yet..) I had quite a discussion with Zenn, my stylist when I told her about my plans to go purple. Haha! Although I have been looking at pictures online for a super long time, I couldn't decide the tone and shade of purple I would like.. (seriously every one of them looks nice).

The only thing about getting purple is that it involves a complete hair lightening process before they can be colored dark again to purple. If I'm going change to other colors after purple, it's going to involve another round of bleaching again.. 

SO, the whole story was that since we're going all out to do lightening, might as well I try an ash blonde/grey color first! Haven't tried bleaching my hair before so this was a completely new experience. Zenn had applied some scalp protector for me prior to the whole process and though the bleach was only applied to my hair roots for a short 10-15 minutes while,.... honest to God it truly stings (ugh!!! but okay, it was still bearable). Almost, almost threw in the towel halfway when the bleach was washed off because my hair was just yellow. Yes you got that right, yellow!! But as Zenn put on the toner (that kills off the yellow undertone) the color slowly turned out prettier hehe. (you can now imagine how much of a relief that was) It's going to take a few more rounds of toning and color-correcting before the color can be stabilised into a really nice shade of ash color, but I was already amazed enough!

Also had my tresses all snipped off together for a change AND, I decided to have another go at bangs. Had always failed at them horribly all my life (something I can never figure out why) and surprisingly it looks so different now that my hair is lightened. I think I don't even look myself now.. do I?

But to be really honest, I always thought that my look is something that could never be changed no matter the cut or color.. but who knows I was wrong. Ahh.. super duper loving this new cut!! Though I'm saving a lot of time on blow-drying out my hair, my make up routine just got a little longer because it's now a must that I put in more effort in my makeup or else I'll look like a plain sick kitten huhu..  Just compared some before and after photos together and I can't believe how my long hair was making me look so tired and worn out all the time (should have ditched the long hair a long time ago!). I've gotten so much positive feedback and compliments so far and I can't thank all of you enough .

Though it's a completely new look for me to explore, I also need to admit that it's a little challenging (but exciting nonetheless) when it comes to my wardrobe.. gotta keep out of the skater skirts!

Thank you Zenn for giving me such a awesome hair make and also to Shunji Matsuo for taking loving care of my hair!! You girls can also read up all about my previous gradient dye with Shunji Matsuo here.

From now on Shunji Matsuo @ 313 is also extending a promotion to you girls where you can enjoy 10% off chemical services when you visit the salon to do your hair too. All you need to do is to just mention "Jaslin"!



313 Orchard Road, #03-26
313@Somerset, Singapore 238895

 (65) 6238 0226

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun:  10.30am to 9pm (last appointment)

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  1. Hi! How many times did you bleach your hair to dye it ash blonde and how much did it cost?:)

    1. Hi Samantha! I only bleached it once to get this color. The cost depends on the hair length and etc, so you can check out the price list here!

  2. you look like a doll :)