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EYEBROW EMBROIDERY TOUCH-UP @ ALLURE BEAUTY SALOON  About a couple of weeks ago I returned to Allure Beauty Saloon to have my eyebrow embroidery all touched up pretty again! I had my first eyebrow embroidery session with Allure some time in January (you girls can read all about it here). Though my brows' shape has definitely became so much neater, I still find myself having to darken them every day while I prep my make. Maybe on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 baring no make and 10 as the color right after the embroidery, I'd say it probably falls around..... 3. That's how light it was! So during this touch up session with Belle, my therapist as well as the principal trainer at Allure Beauty, she told me that most of my color from the first session has pretty much faded huhu..

Though there's also something else that I need to admit. And it's that I got little hesitant about going back for my touch up session initially (imagine having to go through another week of really dark brows while you wait for the embroidery to heal......) But I'd say it was all so, so worth it after all. I got a little bit reluctant because frankly speaking I thought it already looked so nice to me.. and another week of dark brows made me a little indecisive. Nonetheless Mistical told me that it's still best for me to return to have my brows reviewed, and so glad I did! Having a beauty therapist looking at my brows is surprisingly such a reassuring thing. 

I really wanted to go for thicker brows because it seems that most of the color from my first session has dropped off, and thus I specially requested my Allure Beauty therapist to do it reallllllly over the top this time. (Thicker, thicker! Go thick or go home!!!) Okay no, that's my idea of a bad joke so please don't take me too seriously on that.

As usual, the numbing cream was first applied on my brows for the effect to set in for about 30 minutes before my therapist started to line my brows. What I really appreciate was how she's super attentive to details and she's literally like the most patient person I've ever came across..ever. Over the consultation period I had told her I wanted it to look a little bit straighter.. the arch less pronounced.. this adjustment.. that detail.. and my therapist was all about making sure that I looked perfect. (Thank you Belle!) I can't stress how important it is to make sure you're 400% happy about your newly shaped brows before having the embroidery done especially if they're going to last for two years!

You girls know that my pain tolerance meter is at about a level of 0.. which isn't really anything to be really proud of, yes, but still I was worried that it might hurt because technically speaking, the embroidery will be done on the same area of my skin again. So the lovely Mistical shared with me that this largely depends on the individual, as well as the time difference between the first and the following touch up session. Therefore it's always best to have a 3-week grace after the first session to make sure that our skin around the brows are all fully healed.

As far as I remember, it has been about 5 to 6 weeks before I return (oops, guess who got too carried away with the Chinese New Year period!) It was just immediate relief after the first stroke on my brows, no pain!!!!! As per usual, all blades and ink used are brand new as strict hygiene practices is one of Allure's most important policies. 

Sitting up for my therapist to make sure that my brows are well balanced. After another round of some even more meticulous touch up, I was done! This was how it looked right after the session and after it all healed up pretty:

Here are my brows right after my touch up session! Though it took me about another week of healing and tolerating the itch while it healed, I was still running out and about. I thought that the only funny thing was how I really liked my brows but my friends were telling me that I looked slightly odd with super dark and thick brows haha! The scabs started to peel around Day 4, and by the end of the week it was looking all neat.

On a scale of 1 to 10 on the color intensity again, it's about 7 after they have all healed! Trust me when I say that, because I have yet to touch my eyebrow pencil ever since. Much of the color has settled in and I just can't tell you how effortless it takes to finish up my make now. I didn't need to fill them in the morning before I leave the house and it's just sooo convenient. They look dark (but not super dark) and it looks even more natural than before because now they didn't need any unnecessary colors like brown or black. Super in love!!! From experience, the embroidery is going to look at least 30% milder after they've all healed up and I'm feeling so happy that I asked therapist to just do it over the top for my touch up.

Well if you girls are also hesitating about returning to the saloon for a touch up session (I can totally share the understanding with regards to the healing period) BUT!!! Trust me I think they're going to look so many times better than they are, just like how it went for me.

Here's a few pictures comparing my brows prior to embroidery, after my 1st session, and my follow up session so you could see how they've changed so much. 

Once again, ending this post with much thanks and love to Allure Beauty Saloon, Belle my therapist and Mistical!



More detailed information on the different types of Eyebrow Embroidery:

Prices for eyebrow embroidery ranges from $400 and up depending on the therapist chosen.
Belle is the principal trainer at Allure Beauty so an eyebrow embroidery session costs $1,680 excluding GST

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  1. Great post.

  2. Hi, may i ask what color did u chose for ur brows? They look so dark and natural!! Im doing my touch up next month and i wanted my brows to be like yours so badly :( i chose medium brown and its too light for my preferences after it has faded :( Hope to get ur reply soon, cheers! :)

    1. Hi! Mine was brown color (there wasn't any shades like medium brown when I went), but they'll bound to fade after a while.. Did you go for a touch up session?

  3. Hi Jaslin! May I know if you've gone back for another touch up? Is the color still strong? Last week I had my brows done too. Now it has finally peeled off but I think the color is too light. My therapist said it is normal though. But I am unhappy and have no confident in what she said. Since you have experienced it, is it true that the first eyebrow embroidery is very light? I still feel like I need to use eyebrow pencil to draw when I go out. Hoping for your reply! Thanks!