Fashion @ Singapore Yatch Show

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Pictures by KJ
AN EYE-OPENER So last weekend KJ and I kinda spent our Saturday noon at the Singapore Yatch Show getting swooned over and over again at all the magnificent and beautiful yatches on show. If there's something like getting too much a day, this has to be it. We saw so many gorgeous speedboats.. and guess what? They're even cheaper than our COE. (Bet you can't make sense of it too) Now, can someone tell me how are we or how do we even compare a pristine white boat to a piece of paper that entitles us to own a car? That just leaves me feeling a little bit flabbergasted..

Still, we had a fun time walking about and hopping onto the pier to get a closer look at all the beautiful fleet of boats. (The only pity was that most of them were closed for private events.. what a bummer!) Our main highlight at the show was to attend White Moon's "Summer Pea" collection's fashion show and to take a closer look at their clutch bags and jewellery pieces - all beautifully exquisite in its way with a little touch of oriental flair. I think that it's truly inspiring how Eileen Moon, founder of White Moon, is already a owner of her own label. Many of us often dream of designing and creating our own fashion muses, but just exactly how many of us do we really go all out to achieve it? That's worth a penny for a thought..

Meanwhile, here's a quick update for the mid-week and I hope you guys enjoy these pictures that we took at the Singapore Yatch Show. I'm all prepped up to head for bed so wishing all of you a sweet goodnight. 

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  2. lovely look and great pics dear :)