Knitted Nails

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FOR THE ROMANTICS  If there's something like a ranking for different types of nail art, these three dimensional knitted nails would probably rank #1 on my list for the prettiest design hands down. Having not touched super girly stuff like padicures and manicures for the past six years, I'm starting to find myself being completely amazed by all the different types of nail art techniques that I'm starting to learn about each time.

Really, it's quite a strange feeling to be exact with you.. I can't believe that there's so much more to manicures. Well I mean, all along I thought it had only involved painting a layer of color over your nails and that's that, you know? Nothing like gelish nails, acrylic extensions, or ph balancing bonding agents ever existed in my dictionary. So you girls can definitely tell how I'm going "Oh what's this?"... "That's cute! What is that for?"... "Why are we doing this?".. (and God knows how annoying I must be ha ha ha). Plus, imagine how curious I was when I had my first ever padicure done this time round!!It was indeed a super pampering session for my tired little feet hehe.

My current obsession right now has to stay this set of pretty knitted nail art which Amie did for me. Just couldn't get them out of my mind when I first saw these on Pinterest. How could you possibly resist them? They look so incredibly feminine yet edgy.. simple yet sweet where the design is just so endearing to look at. Though it looks, the process was nothing but meticulous work - Amie had to slowly build up the gel in order to achieve the three dimensional effect while curing them with UV treatment multiple times.

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  1. so amazing nails! lovely :)

    anecia & roses ♥ blog

  2. Beautiful color...hope you don't mind but what eyelashes are you using for your eyes?