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HAIR MAKEOVER  Just before we set off for our week long vacation at Boracay, I wanted to make sure that I'm ALLLL beach-ready.. So guess who finally ditched her black roots and brown hair for a gradient tone from caramel brown to blonde shades? That's going to be yours truly. As much as I love my dark roots (for a lot of reasons, of course) - well for one, they are my natural color so there isn't any worry about unsightly roots, second being that they are very manageable.. - but I was getting a little... hmm how should I put it, maybe bored? Is that the correct word? Hehe. I feel like I'm looking at the same me every morning and well, you girls know I always up for change and I'd probably be the first to try anything new or exciting. 

But then again when it comes to my hair... sometimes I feel it can be a completely two sided coin affair. I'm being totally serious. One moment I could stick with being super safe, staying to long straight hair (I could skip visiting my hairdresser for an entire year..) and at another moment I could just do something crazy like getting a shaved sidecut. Something which I've yet to mention on the blog!

So a little less than 2 weeks ago I made a trip down to Shunji Matsuo @ 313 to do my hair, also my new hair sponsor whom I'm super, duper, puper stoked about sharing with you girls!! Oh my god somebody pinch me hard please. Having someone making sure that you hair is always perfect is like living a dream (come on, let's all admit that we alll girls love to pamper our hair..) I'll be the first to admit. Though many small salons line up in my neighborhood, I had a really bad experience from a botched job in the past that made me realise how important it is to go for experienced stylists and salons you can trust.

One thing that I really love about Shunji Matsuo group of salons is how they incorporate a fashion take into hairstyling with their years experience built on the international fashion circuit. As a fashion blogger, this matters to me because our hair can make such a huge differing statement to our look, and is no less important than the make-up we put on or our choice of apparels we wear.

Shunji Matsuo @ 313 is located at 313 Somerset, which I say the central location is just puurfect! (Honestly, what's not better than having it right Forever 21 and the huge H&M store nearby?) I had wanted to color my hair so Zenn, my stylist took out these two huge color charts which is a little bit insane for me because there's just soo soooo much colors to choose from. If you think brown is just a single color, you're so wrong. Because in these charts the color brown is probably defined in at least a dozen different shades. #toomuchchoices 

I wanted to go for a gradient look so all I needed to do was to discuss with Zenn the color I was going for, and together we decided on three different tones after receiving tonnes of help from her recommendations based on type of color shades that would suit well to my facial tone. (This is exactly why I can never do these alone because my knowledge on them are very well next to none.. haha!)

We started with a pre-coloring conditioning process before Zenn proceeded to start with the lightening for my ends, followed by two more shades of colors for my middle-length and root hair colors. After all the coloring was done and washed out, she proceeded with a fortetherapie treatment for my hair and scalp to repair and strengthen the fibres of my hair. Personally I haven't been paying much attention to my hair lately (feeling a little guilty now..whoops) and this feels like a crazily intensive pampering session if you ask me. Just look at all the different conditioning and treatment products!

Pre-conditioning mist to start the coloring session!
Fortetherapy treatment with much love for my scalp and hair post - coloring

Volumizer Spray for a fluffier look and post coloring conditioning care to protect my hair colors

Just look at the color gradient that Zenn has done for me! It's just like pure magic and I like it so much!! (Thank you Zenn, sending you all my love ♡ ) And, the best thing is that I could never have imagine my hair still remaining so smooth and shiny despite just having a lightening session done. 

It was such an amazing pampering experience, especially with Zenn doing my hair for me because she was very very attentive and always made sure that I know what she's doing for my hair, letting me know what to expect next. It was about 4 hours in total and I enjoyed chatting with Zenn while she worked on my hair sections after sections. A huge huge thanks and big love to Shunji Matsuo! Was feeling like a little nervous wreck initially but now I honestly can't feel more relieved than ever knowing that my hair is finally in good hands of a superb stylist in a top notch salon. You have both of my thumbs-up!!


313 Orchard Road, #03-26
313@Somerset, Singapore 238895

 (65) 6238 0226

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun:  10.30am to 9pm (last appointment)

You can also follow them on Facebook! @


Here's a quick shoutout of Shunji Matsuo's on-going promotions!

歓待特典 Welcome Pack Special
Free L’oreal Powerdose Hair Treatment with every shampoo blowdry at $40 (UP $80)

Loreal Powerdose Treatment:
A instant and powerful, rinse-out repair treatment with long-lasting results to restore and prolong the colour/perm of the hair. Coloured/permed hair is instantly detangled. Easy to style, it regains a soft, silky, natural feel. Seals in color/perm and preserves vibrant shine of chemical treated hair. Keeps color radiant & true, keeps hair healthy & beautifully conditioned!

Powerdose treatments target the cuticle and hair's surface with professional concentrations of Bio-Mimetic Ceramide added with dedicated technologies for specific haircare needs. These treatments instantaneously provide deep condition at the hair's cuticle and surface areas for intense shine & impoved manigibility!

Do contact 6238 1522 / 6238 1514 for appointments! Terms & Conditions (here)

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  1. gorgeous pics dear :)

  2. Peeerfect pics.

  3. Your haircolor is perfect Jaslin!
    If I ever going to dye my hair, I would like to have it like yours :)
    Your hair looks even better when curled :3

    1. Thank you sweetie! If that's the case I'm going to take more effort to curl my hair haha! You should you should, just go all out ahead! I'm sure you'll look gorgeous too :)

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