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FLEA EVENT TODAY   Hey guys! I've been super incredibly busy (but never tired hehe) because everyday I wake up feeling happy just doing the things I love! Tomorrow - or rather later on depending on the time you're reading this.. I will be at the F1 Pit Building participating as one of their feature bloggers at the flea event! (A huge shout out and thank you to Redmarket places for the invite.) It's just really high time that my wardrobe pieces find themselves a new owner.. I have too much and I don't know what to do with them anymore.

So what happens at flea events is when blogshop owners, boutiques, or even individuals (like you and like me) put some of our brand new clothes, past season apparels or even preloved items and apparels at reallllllly cheap prices. The last time I went to one, I even got a couple of pretty dresses at $6... (omg tell me where else can you find such prices in Singapore?!) Even though I'm participating as a blogger where Redmarket places has kindly sponsored me a booth, I'm equally excited about checking other bloggers', blogshops' and sellers' items!!!

This will be my first ever time that I'm joining one (so please do come down and say hi!). I'm going to be there by myself so just pop by! To be honest I'm actually quite nervous about it.. mainly because I've never done anything like that and I don't know who you girls are - or anyone of you who have been reading my blog (apart from my friends); though I've been receiving a couple of comments and emails in my inbox from time to time! An honest point of view it's kinda stressful to attend as a blogger.. There's usually going to be some sort of expectations but if you do pop by, please come with no expectations (hahaha because I'm just a regular person like you too who wakes up with unkempt hair and snacks in bed) and make friends!

I'm almost bringing my entire wardrobe over (if my luggage space allows), with most items priced between ($5 to $10) for blouses, tops, shorts, denims, and dresses alike so please help me with my wardrobe! Here's some prelude of the items that you can find from my pile of clothes later on today:

See you guys at the F1 Pitbuilding from 11am onwards! I'll only be staying around till evening time so come and enjoy some shopping and good music and live band performance. I'll be located near the entrance area come say hi!


10 MAY 2014        |       11am to 8pm


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