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WEEK IN REVIEW  Holy moly... well... hello! Wow time really time flies and I can't believe that I'm feeling so enstrangled from my blog after leaving it so quiet for this long. Now where should we start from..? Over the past week I've just been super duper busy running for events, appointments, and also my part time jobs (two!). Just feeling a little envious because everyone's looking so gorgeously dolled for the Audi Fashion Festival on my Facebook timeline and my inbox are flooding with event coverages! Just a shame that I had to give event a miss due to prior engagements.. Been getting so busy that all that I want to do at the end of the day when I get home is to just kick off my heels and head to bed.. (whoever says that one needs to bathe before sleeping?!) But of course, I've still been constantly updating my Facebook or Instagram over the last week. Follow me up on @justjaslin

Let's do this again - a week in summary on the blog! Apart from attending the flea event and spending quality time with my family over Mother's day two weekends ago, I also returned to Shunji Matsuo the following week to have my hair color toned down a little - That's why you're spotting me with light chestnut brown hair on my Instagram now hehe. 

Ran for more appointments over Wednesday and Thursdays while I attended Amway's leadership seminar on Friday and the huge and super happening Amway's Y-me rally on Saturday. The whole event was just super cool and everyone is so hyped up!! I mean, have you ever had a meeting held in a club?! The whole Powerhouse station was just for us and just when I thought that we as Singaporeans might tend to be a little more passive when it comes to things like this... I was wrong! Though I admit that I don't really fancy clubs too much...  I really enjoyed myself thoroughly. No pressure to drink + free flow non alcoholic drinks + awesome music + awesome company = yay!!!

Many friends came along with me and though some of you girls (or even guys) had a little bit of a feet ache.., I hope that you guys enjoyed yourselves and had a blast like I did!! I also hope that you guys are able to see that what's right in front of us is probably one of the best opportunity any one of us (especially fresh graduates like me and you) can have, and understand a little bit better of the why's and how KJ and I can be focus-driven and motivated in growing our business together. I want to let you guys know that what you all already have is no ordinary business, but an international business with a global platform that's just waiting for us - young people!! 

Whereas for yesterday, KJ and I were at the Shunji Matsuo by Poise hair salon (located at 20 Handy Road) for their official launch party! What a super small world because we managed to met some of our old friends whom we haven't seen for the longest of time at the event. Nothing beats enjoying a good party in the company of good friends.  

Today, I've just returned home after a long day of work earlier on. Guess I'm down with a little of of a flu bug virus so I think I'm just going to shower up and get some well needed rest for the night. Goodnight everyone and I hope all of you guys have a power-packed week ahead! 

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  1. It's so good that you had so much fun! As for me, I feel the same as you, when you said you felt a bit like a stranger to your blog, cause I left mine for some weeks! I also had a very hectic time. But it's good, isn't it? When we do things we like.As usual, I love your outfits and I loved your hair! Welcome back!

  2. you look great, hope you are having a wonderful time!
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